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I have had several requests from readers of my book about account openings. As the book makes clear, DIY investing can be brilliant for those who have the self-control to manage their own finances.

But a surprising few people seem to be able to steer away from fear, greed and egoism and end up speculating. Perhaps good old human nature is too powerful to stop.

I can help people step up an online account.  Minimums are $30,000 on the lump sum side, and $500 on the regular savings side, raising to $35,000 from January 2019.  I will try to keep the minimum as low as possible for as long as possible, because I do want to help people who aren’t super wealthy, but I may have to incrementally raise the minimum depending on the demand.

The accounts are:

  • Low cost, access to global markets from 0.02% or similar low flat fees on the platform
  • With an internationally recognized platforms coming from EU countries and the UK, which in turn means there is strong investor protections.
  • All accounts are linked to the academic evidence in the book.
  • Available to all except people living in America.  Americans living overseas are a possibility but it is a little more complicated than other nationalities due to regulations.

For those who don’t have $30,000, are living in America or just want some advise on other brokers out there, the following is a good list:


People living in the UK:  

Hargreaves Lansdown.  

Vanguard Online

Living overseas – expat platforms:

Interactive Brokers  

Saxo Bank

Internaxx (formerly TD Direct)


Living in America:

Vanguard Online


TD Ameritrade

Living in mainland Europe 



It isn’t an extensive list. There are hundreds out there which could also be put on the list, but you won’t go wrong with the above.

One thing I would add to the above is flat fees.  Internaxx is more competitive on fees than Saxo Bank on larger accounts, but less competitive on smaller amounts and maybe up to $60,000, as the fees are flat.  If you have a small amount to start with, check out what the flat fees are.

7 Replies to “Account openings and online investment sites”

    1. The total size of the account is 25K? Are you in the US or outside the US? It is hard to know without the full picture but the same principles applied in the book apply. Look out for the fees, asset allocation and so on.

    1. Hi Fritz – not currently unfortunately. Not out of personal choice. It is the regulatory environment although I am looking for a solution.

    2. Also I am able to take Americans living overseas. But people living in America (Americans and non Americans) are currently off limits but I hope that will change soon.

  1. Hi Adam!

    I am from South Africa, I am looking to invest my money in the future. Can you maybe assist me in investing my money?

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort!

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