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On the video below I spoke about one of the most underrated tools available online for investors.

Earlier in the day I mentioned the upcoming webinar next Wednesday.

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Recent videos have discussed matters such as:

  • Will the Biden stimulus be good for stocks 
  • What are some of the best places to retire in Asia?
  • Why shouldn’t you invest in some pension accounts?
  • What is the biggest problem with Hargreaves Lansdown?
  • New upcoming changes to our service offerings in March 
  • Are ARK ETFs better than Vanguard?
  • Is Shanghai or Tokyo more expensive? Which is better for expat life?
  • Are sustainable energy ETFs a good idea?
  • Oil at $60 a barrel and the Japanese Nikkei hitting 30,000.
  • The FCAs Bitcoin warning.
  • What are my advantages compared to the banks?
  • Why I don’t like dealing with big firms 
  • What questions should you ask yourself before investing?
  • Why is Africa such a great engine?
  • Do we offer property investments?
  • Which countries stock markets could outperform in 2021?
  • Will the USD dollar collapse or fall big in 2021?
  • What are the best jobs you can get without a degree? 
  • How soon can you become a millionaire if you invest $1,000 a month into stock markets?
  • Will the UK bring in a wealth tax in 2021 or later?
  • What’s my review of Interactive Brokers for expats?
  • What trends could we see in 2021?
  • The high street is a declining space it seems. Which industries will be growth areas next year and indeed in the next decade?
  • Argentina’s new wealth and expat tax
  • The Dow Jones at 30,000
  • Is it really true that the Japanese stock market, the Nikkei, has performed incredibly badly over time?
  • Is TransferWise a good option for you and your business?
  • What would I do if I was 17 again?
  • Should UK expats invest privately or through National Insurance?
  • What side hustles exist for teenagers and young adults?
  • Why should all people do a job they hate once in their life?

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Further Reading

In the article below I looked at the following issues

  • Can I apply for a mortgage in the UK as a non-resident? This answer applies for both UK expats living overseas and other nationalities.
  • Why is China cheaper than Japan? Is the premise of the question even true? I explain why China is no longer as cheap as people assume, at least in the big cities.
  • What’s the biggest cause of irrational investment behaviour? The media, peer pressure or something else?
  • Is it a good idea to lend money to friends and family members?
  • Am I willing to take a risk in the stock market? Are the stock markets even risky to begin with?

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