Posted by | April 11, 2021
Close to 130,000 expats leave Saudi Arabia workforce.

Expats are leaving Saudi and the US stock market is booming. Hear my audio analysis.

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Posted by | April 8, 2021
Argentina’s wealth tax failure?

Will Argentina's wealth tax failure stop other governments bringing this policy in?

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Posted by | March 30, 2021
Updated webinar times and investment minimum increase reminders

A reminder about my upcoming webinar and changes to my minimum investment thresholds.

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Posted by | February 26, 2021
UN Panel Recommends A Global Corporate Income Tax

This podcast discusses potential tax increases.

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Posted by | February 4, 2021
Is the “Reddit crowd” going to strike again?

What does the ongoing Reddit story say about the world we live in today?

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Posted by | January 19, 2021
ESG growth in 2021

Could ESG investing and returns keep skyrocketing this year?

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Posted by | January 14, 2021
NewsonJapan article – will the Nikkei hit new highs?

It was good to be featured on newsonjapan.

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Posted by | January 6, 2021
Thailand residency via real estate in 2021

In today's podcast I look at some changes to residency programs around the world.

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Posted by | January 4, 2021
The winners and losers from 2020 in the stock market and the outlook for 2021

What is the outlook for 2021 and who were the winners in 2020?

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