Posted by | January 29, 2020
Why I hate the Wolf of Wall Street Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street was a great movie. What do I have against it?

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Posted by | December 22, 2019
Wealth, vice and being broke.

Many of us are more thoughtful and philosophical as a new year beckons. It is in this context, that I was speaking to an ex colleague a few days ago....

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Posted by | December 14, 2019
Do you get what you pay for?

I was in Portugal, in the Algarve, for a few days this week. I was having lunch when I heard some tourists speak about how cheap they found some of...

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Posted by | October 23, 2019
Why I hate corporate

"You are so much easier to deal with Adam compared to big firms", so said a person I recently did business with.It got me thinking about the reasons why I...

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Posted by | October 8, 2019
Does a power pose and listening to techno turn you into a risk taker?

There is this idea that there is such a thing as a conservative, moderate and adventurous investor. This may be true to a certain extent, but is it the whole...

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