Posted by | December 27, 2019
2019 Review and Reflections: What Have I Learned?

This has been a great year for, growing by over 200% on all metrics, including users, clients and so on. However, not everything has been perfect. What have I...

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Posted by | December 7, 2019
5 Things I learned at the Jameson Factory Tour

A few days ago I visited the Jameson Factory in Dublin. What did the tour tell me about business and success? Below is a list: Nobody likes corporate anymore -...

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Posted by | November 20, 2019
10 Signs you will be financially successful

Signs you will be successful

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Posted by | November 16, 2019
6 business and investing lessons from Dragons Den

The BBC's Dragons Den, the UK's version of Shark Tank, is one of the most viewed business programs in the UK. What business and investing lessons can we learn from...

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Posted by | October 8, 2019
Does a power pose and listening to techno turn you into a risk taker?

There is this idea that there is such a thing as a conservative, moderate and adventurous investor. This may be true to a certain extent, but is it the whole...

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