Do’s and Don’ts while living in Canada

Do’s and Don’ts while living in Canada – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Moving to another country is a new experience. People who usually move to new countries may not know the culture, customs, and traditions.

It is important to learn these things so as to get along with the people living there. However, most expats moving abroad may know very little about such things.

When you do something wrong, the residents may get offended sometimes. We don’t want that, right? Especially while living in that country as a foreigner.

To provide some solace in this matter, we are here today. We will now provide some of the important things that should be done and shouldn’t be done.

This is pretty helpful for people who want to move to Canada or have recently moved there.

That being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump to our topic, i.e., Do’s and Don’ts while living in Canada.

Good Old Handshake

We have to agree with the fact that greeting others is a gesture of friendliness. Both foreigners and residents get a nice impression when you greet them properly.

You can go ahead and offer a handshake to anyone you meet in Canada. Nobody in Canada gets offended or holds back when you wish to shake their hand.

Nevertheless, it is wise to wait when you try to shake hands with a woman. Try to wait until she wants to shake hands with you first.

Addressing Properly!

In other countries, people intend to be called by their last name unless they are close.

However, things are different in Canada as most people prefer a first-name basis.

If you are hesitant, let them make the first move and call you by your first name.

In the case of women, it is a tad bit rude to call them by the “Mrs.” title. You can call everyone with the title “Ms.” unless suggested otherwise.

Nevertheless, things are slightly different for French Canadians. You must address them as Monsieur (for men) or Madame (for women).

Following Monsieur or Madame, you should call them by their last name. Simply calling Monsieur or Madame is also fine.

While talking with someone on a phone call as well, the same rules apply.

Attire Style

There are no particular restrictions on how you dress up in Canada. Anything goes.

However, it is better to get dressed professionally during business activities or events.

Even professionals get to wear casually throughout the week. Nevertheless, wearing anything formal never goes out of style, right?

You may commonly come across men who wear suits and ties. On the other hand, women might appear in business suits or dresses.

While you are free during the weekend, you can wear funky clothes like jeans and t-shirts.

When it is winter, everyone prefers warm clothes with multiple layers of dressing. Boots are frequent as they are helpful to walk through ice and snow.

Too much fragrance on the body like body spray, perfume, aftershave, etc., may not be a good idea.

Canadians assume that perfume or body spray is worn when trying to make up for poor personal hygiene.

Adding to that, you may even come across somebody who is allergic to perfumes. Such a scenario might be uncomfortable.

Strike a Convo Correctly

Smaller talks always lead to long and friendly conversations. You don’t have to worry about what to talk to initiate a conversation. You always have the weather topic at hand, right?

Some other topics that help you to start a convo with a Canadian are:

— Hockey
— Football
— Baseball
— Basketball
— Golf
— Tennis
— Geography
— Travel
— Movies
— Books

Never ever try to have a comparison between Canada and the US. Most people don’t like it when someone compares.

Also, avoid having a conversation on sensitive topics such as religion and conflicts.

Behaving in Public

Don’t look elsewhere while talking to a person because it might seem rude. Make eye contact.

There is no need to be shy to make eye contact with a person. Canadians are very friendly.

Smiling is common. When you smile often, you seem more approachable to others.

Don’t get way too close to a person while talking to them. Maintain a healthy distance of a couple of feet.

Talk gently. In Canada, residents find it extremely rude when someone shouts or talks loudly in public.

Canadians keep their emotions to themselves while in public places. Therefore, you should also try and do so to avoid attention.

It is also rude when someone speaks a language that is not either English or French. Unless you are engaged with a person of a foreign language, stay between English and French.

Pointing fingers is offensive just like it is in any other part of the world. Waving at others is a friendly gesture made towards people you know.

Smoking in public places is restricted in most places. Anyhow, you can find smoking areas in places such as restaurants.


Gifts are common in Canada and you may receive gifts now and then. When you reciprocate this habit, you will be considered a friendly person.

Instead of random gifts, try to offer something meaningful. Most foreigners usually offer gifts that have been brought from their home countries.

A wine bottle or a good liquor bottle is always considered a good gift. If you don’t have anything at hand when you receive something, Don’t worry. You can just ask them whether you could buy them dinner.

While offering flowers as a gift, always choose carefully depending on the occasion. Romantic occasions need red roses, whereas white lilies are for occasions like funerals.

Gifts like a dress or perfume are given to people who are very close acquaintances.

Workplace customs

Not just Canadians, but any employer doesn’t like late employees. Always be early.

Being early to work means you are dedicated and enthusiastic about your work.

When a task is assigned to you, try not to be late on completing it. Canadians encourage punctual people and this might fetch you a good impression.

This doesn’t mean that you can miss out on the quality of the work assigned. Efficiency is also important.

Try to be regular to work, and when you can’t, try to inform someone of authority. Don’t leave them hanging.

While in important meetings, always try to keep your phone in silent mode.

No necessity to feel shy if you want to meet anyone new at your workplace.

Generally, Canadians meet and greet everyone at their workplace.

In workplaces, people exchange gifts when a deal is closed. Don’t be surprised when someone unwraps the gift instantly at a workplace.

You may even find the receiver sharing your gift with other colleagues. Participate in all the company events and be active in everything.

By following these instructions at a workplace, you may even become the best employee.

Other Matters

Canada is comprised of a diversified culture because of its provinces and regions.

You may sometimes experience differences based on province. You can make friends easily wherever you go and know the details easily.

Respecting the multicultural nature of the country will create a great impression.

People in Canada usually communicate formally. Try to steer clear of inappropriate language, especially in public places.

Avoid getting into inappropriate discussions with the residents. Especially when the conversation topic might seem offensive to Canadians.

If you do anything wrong, apologize before others point it out. Canadians are very easy-going people and will forgive you.

Never make comments about Canadians as “Natives” or “Indians”. It is very offensive.

Alcoholic consumption in public is highly restricted in Canada. Avoid littering. If you happen to have any trash, carry it until you find a trash can.

Like the USA and Canada comparison, avoid comparing French Canadians to actual French. The traditions, expressions, and sayings are quite different between these two.

Don’t be surprised if you witness cars in bike lanes. Beware of the situation and always be attentive while riding a bike.

You might have already heard this, but here we go again. Never feed the wildlife in Canada, especially unpredictable animals like bears.

Even though you see anyone feeding wild animals, you must try to be wary.

Did you think wild animals like bears or raccoons are something that you should be worried about? Think again. Even the geese in Canada might attack you for no reason.

If someone random on the street makes eye contact with you, give them a little nod and smile. You might even see this behaviour in other people when you make eye contact with them.

In areas with more traffic, people might slow down to let you overtake. You can wave at them as a gesture of saying thanks.

Always respond to comments like ‘Thanks’ and ‘Welcome’. Adding to that, try to thank people who do small things for you.

For example, say thanks when someone holds the lift door to let you in or out. It is even better if you greet those who were in the lift along with you.

You are required to leave your shoes when you enter a house.

The tap water in Canada is on its extremity always. The cold water is so cold that it’ll damage your teeth and the hot water is hot enough to burn your mouth.

Bottom Line:

Canada is a very friendly country and its residents are welcoming toward foreigners. Regardless of your home country, you can easily cope with the people living there.

Not just in Canada, but you will get along fine anywhere in the world with a positive attitude. Apart from it, it is advantageous to be willing to learn new customs.

What we want to say as a final word is to be nice to others, you’ll get along fine.

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Finally, we hope that the information in this post was helpful for you. Especially if you are thinking of moving to Canada.

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