Financial and business trends in the 2020s

A few days ago, I uploaded the following video about trends in the 2020s – how might the world look on December 31, 2029?

There was one theme running through the video. We will want more convenience and less human interactive as the decade goes along.

Since making the video, I have been faced with numerous situations, which have really amplified this in my mind.

  1. In the airport on transit, I was (uncomfortably) asked by a waiter if I wanted to add a tip, when I was paying by card
  2. When going through airport security, I found the human-free counters much less stressful. No questions about “where are you staying’ and “can you show me a copy of your return flight”.
  3. When shopping for a new phone, I was faced by a “used car salesman” character.
  4. Whilst checking in for another flight, I noticed that the human-free interactions were best, and especially good if a human was on hand, should I fail to use the technology properly.
  5. When going horse riding, I got lost. I wanted to avoid calling up the establishment and used Google Maps instead.
  6. I far prefer the self-service supermarket check-outs to being asked how I am doing.

In other words, technology working in tandem with a person, can be much more comfortable for the end user.

Likewise, in my business, most people are more comfortable with a remote model, than meeting me in-person.

I will continue to add new technologies to my website, whilst maintaining the personal touch.


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