How to invest from Chang Mai?

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  • How to invest from Chang Mai if you are an expat?

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How to invest from Chang Mai?

There is something unique about Chang Mai compared to most other expat cities.

Namely, alongside Bali, it is the unofficial “digital nomad” and location-independent city in Asia.

The number of corporate expats is small compared to retirees, digital business owners, and nomads.

This doesn’t make much of a difference apart from in one way – almost all legal brokers now require a tax identification number (TIN) to open a new account.

This means when applying for a new account, you can either use a Thai TIN number if you have one, or your old one in your home country or last expat destination.

You can carry on investing back home and hope the broker doesn’t find out you have moved abroad, but this isn’t a good strategy.

Australia and Canada now require expats to show “intent” that they have left the country and don’t plan to come back for a while.

In other words, unless you cancel your existing gym membership or investment accounts, they might consider you a tax resident back home, even if you don’t spend even one day back home.

The UK is less strict, for now at least, but tax-efficient ways of investing, like ISAs, aren’t legal for expats.

This means that expats require portable, tax-efficient investment plans that move with you as you move around the world.

Anything else has too many risks associated with it.

As more governments need extra money due to aging populations and lockdowns, increasing taxes on expats who haven’t crossed the I’s and dotted the Ts might be an easy target.

The US has already done that, and other countries might follow suit, so it is important to have everything done properly.

How can you do this?

The process is simple

  1. Find an online broker or advisor.
  2. Complete the application forms which will require a TIN number and your personal details
  3. Provide your proof of ID and address. This is for international money laundering requirements.
  4. Fund the account once it is approved
  5. Make the trades.
  6. Update the account when you move from Thailand, or even move internally. You can usually log in to do this.

So, a simple process once you get it right.

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