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Want the best of both worlds? Having an investment specialist and retaining control? Elevate your financial journey with premier investments and support in the background

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Explore the Best of Both Worlds: Advisor and DIY Investing

In the realm of investment, the age-old debate between advisor-led strategies and do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches need not be a dilemma. We’ve harnessed the power of both, offering a revolutionary fusion that caters to your unique preferences.


Advisor vs DIY The Perfect Balance

While some crave the wisdom of a human advisor, others relish the independence of DIY. Striking a harmonious chord, we present an opportunity that embraces both. Just as we appreciate the convenience of e-gates and self-checkouts, our “plugin and play” option merges expert guidance with your empowered decisions.

Advisor vs DIY


Navigating Your Investment Odyssey

A Trusted Haven

Your wealth, safeguarded by the esteemed Banque de Luxembourg, equipped with a formidable tier 1 Equity capital of over EUR 27 billion.

Global Flexibility

Choose your currency—USD, British Pounds, Euros, Japanese Yen, and beyond—opening doors to a world of investment possibilities.

Starting Point

Begin your journey with a minimum of $50,000, and unlock the full spectrum of benefits. Portfolios ideally range from $50,000-$150,000, while investments surpassing $150,000 provide direct access to personalized guidance.

Resilient Protection

Rest easy knowing that up to 100,000 Euros are fortified by the Luxembourg government's compensation scheme, a safety net for unlikely disruptions.

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Elevate Your Portfolio Possibilities

Elite Opportunities

Gain entry to high-net-worth and sophisticated fixed-return investments that typically cater to million-dollar portfolios.

Assured Assistance

Navigate confidently with admin support and a dedicated wealth manager at your side when executing trades becomes intricate.

Monthly Insights

Receive exclusive investment ideas directly to your inbox and WhatsApp, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve.


with Flexibility

Seamless Exit

Retain control over your investment destiny with the freedom to exit the platform at any moment, free of fees.

Tailored Risk Spectrum

Choose your risk appetite, exploring low, medium, and high-risk investment avenues.

Exclusivity Awaits

Unlock discounted fees on exclusive and tailor-made investments just for our clients

Empower Your Investment with Our Wisdom

In a world where the investment landscape is ever-evolving, we offer a unique vantage point. Dare to fuse the wisdom of an advisor with the autonomy of DIY, and embark on a journey where your financial aspirations become reality.

Graphical Asset Investment Clients
Examples of Investments Clients
Investment Fixed-Return? 5 Year Return 10 Year Return
Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS Inc
Jaguar Land Rover Credit-Linked Note
Yes. 0.92% per month (11.04% per year)
Halliburton Bond
7.6% per year
Guinness Global Innovator GBP
Fee Graphical Asset 1
Our Fee Structure
Investment threshold (USD) Platform and advisor fees (combined as percentage of account value)
1.9% per annum
1.7% per annum
1.50% per annum
1.30% per annum
Fee Graphical Asset 2
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