My 10 Biggest Mistakes

We are proud at to have expanded our reach to 8,500,000 views per month.

However, it has been a long journey, and many mistakes have been made along the way.

What are the biggest ten mistakes I have made? What have I learned from them, and what can you learn from them? I reflect on these points in the video below.

For those looking to watch specific parts of the video, the timings are listed below:

00:40 – Engaging in investment speculation as oppose to long-term investing 

1:09 – Not adapting to the digital age soon enough 

1:30 – Listening too much to older people in my industry 

2:53 – Not breaking industry norms quickly enough 

4:44 – Spending too much time with toxic people 

5:11 – Not reading enough in the first five years after university 

6:02 – Not learning more languages 

6:43 – Not moving faster with profitable ideas 

7:20 – Not leveraging time more effectively in years gone by.

8:27 – Not thinking big enough, soon enough 

To watch the video you can click on this Youtube link.


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