Top 5 most viewed articles

After reading about my most viewed Quora answers ever, some readers have asked me which of my articles have received the most views.

This article will list the top five most viewed articles.

  1. How to get rich investing – 190,048 views

This article looks at how much you need to invest to be worth $1m or multi-millions, and how I can help clients on that journey.

2. Why the wealthy spend less on luxury – 177,000

Most people confuse wealth, income and being “rich”. This article smashes the myth that wealth and income are always the same thing, and that all wealthy people live in luxury all the time.

3. 52 finance tips – 52,222 views

52 finance tips explains what readers should expect from my weekly newsletter

4. The gold digger and JP Morgan “CEO” response – 50,363 reviews

One of my favourite news stories from twitter two years ago was the subject of this article.

What does it say about building up wealth? The article is available here.

5. Good Investing Books for Beginners – 49,666 views

Many people ask for for good investing books that I recommend. This article lists the best investing books for beginner and intermediate learners.

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