2022 Cost of Living in Uruguay

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2022 Cost of Living in Uruguay. That will be the topic of today’s article.

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Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, is a nation in southern South America that borders Argentina on the west. It is located on the South Atlantic Ocean coast, south of Brazil.

With a land area of 176,000 km2, it is the second-smallest country in South America (after Suriname), however it is nearly twice the size of Portugal or slightly smaller than the state of Washington in the United States.

Uruguay has an estimated population of 3.25 million people (2011 census), with 1.3 million living in Montevideo, the country’s capital and largest city. The bulk of the country’s population lives in the southern half. Spanish is the official language.

Uruguay’s relatively flat surface marks the transition from the Argentine plains in the west to the steep lands of southern Brazil. The country’s eastern, southern, and western borders are covered in vast plains, with lush coastal lowlands, while the interior is made up of undulating plains and hills.

Cerro Catedral, at 514 meters, is the country’s highest peak.

In comparison to other Latin American countries, it is well-developed. In reality, when it comes to social development, Uruguay is most likely the most developed country in Latin America.

Uruguay is also one of the most expensive countries in South America, if not the most expensive. This is why, if you have the financial resources, the quality of life is superb here.

Low population implies an abundance of greenery, long lengths of beautiful coastline, and other benefits.

Cost of Living in Uruguay

2022 Cost of Living in Uruguay
2022 Cost of Living in Uruguay


In Latin America, there isn’t a single country with awful food. On your visit Uruguay, don’t miss out on the greatest eateries the country has to offer. If you go to any of them, expect to pay a lot of money, but you can have a nice meal in a cheap restaurant in Uruguay for under $12!

Meal, inexpensive restaurant$11.68
Meal for 2 persons, mid-range restaurant, three-course$42.04
Meal at McDonalds$8.85
Domestic beer$3.50
Imported beer$3.50


Because most consumer items are not manufactured in Uruguay, they are as expensive as those in Australia, Canada, or Europe, and certainly more so than those in the United States. There are several public markets, though, where you may find a hundred different types of meat, and many people claim that the meat in this nation is of the greatest quality.

Grocery ItemCost
1 liter of milk$0.89
500g loaf of fresh white bread$1.91
1kg rice$1.19
Dozen of eggs$2.54
1kg local cheese$9.16
1kg chicken fillet $8.44
1kg beef round$9.10
1kg apples$2.06
1kg bananas$2.29
1kg oranges$1.22
1kg tomatoes$2.07
1kg potatoes$1.46
1kg onions$1.50
1 head lettuce$0.93
1.5 liter water$1.27
0.5 liter domestic beer$1.81
0.33 liter imported beer$2.15
20 packs cigarettes$4.20


Automobiles are prohibitively costly in Uruguay, compared to the United States or much of Europe, and as a result, many Uruguayans travel only by foot, cab, scooter, motorbike, or bus. Uruguay, fortunately, has a well-developed internal bus system. Buses run often, are safe, and are pleasant. Taxis do exist in Uruguay, and they are safe and reasonably priced, costing around $2 per kilometer. In Uruguay, all taxis have regulated prices and utilize meters.

One-way ticket$0.93
Monthly pass$39.71
Taxi start$1.12
Taxi per 1km$2
Taxi 1hour waiting$9.94
1 liter Gasoline$1.43
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90KW Trendline$35,704.16
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6I 97KW Comfort$34,735.22


In Uruguay, utilities are rather expensive, however this varies depending on the size of your residence. Basic utilities, such as power, heating, cooling, water, gas, and waste services, will cost around $120 for an apartment of roughly 85m2. In comparison, Internet is pretty inexpensive — roughly $34 per month.

Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for 85sqm flat$102.78
1minute of prepaid mobile tariff local$0.21
Internet (unlimited data)$34.04


Sporting activities are unquestionably expensive in Uruguay, as they are in most other nations. A gym or fitness facility membership will set you back roughly $50 per month. Leisure and recreational activities, such as going to the movies, are also rather costly — a single theater ticket costs around $9.

Fitness Club monthly membership$102.78
Tennis court rent$22.26


In the same way that many developing countries’ retail industries are still dominated by small specialized shops, small supermarkets, and small, crowded shopping malls, Uruguay’s retail industry is still populated by small supermarkets, small specialized shops, and small, crowded shopping malls, so you won’t find huge shopping malls where you can wander around for hours. You’ll still find some nice outfits, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

1 pair of jeans$77.70
1 summer dress in chain store$41.04
1 pair of Nike running shoes$89.29
1 pair of men leather business shoes$94.06


When you relocate to Uruguay, you may expect your housing costs to suck up a significant portion of your salary. If you have a roommate, your rent might go down and your extra costs can be cut in half, depending on your lifestyle. A small apartment in the city center costs approximately 500 dollars, while a larger flat in the city center for the full family costs around 840 dollars.

1 bedroom apartment in city center$448.02
1 bedroom apartment outside of city center$355.85
3 bedroom apartment in city center$753.53
3 bedroom apartment outside of city center$646.81

Cost of Living Comparison between Uruguay’s major cities and other Latin American cities

Montevideo is 28% more expensive than in Santiago, Chile

Montevideo is 32% more expensive than in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Montevideo is 33% more expensive than in Monterrey, Mexico

Montevideo is 35% more expensive than in São Paulo, Brazil

Montevideo is 48% more expensive than in Lima, Peru

Montevideo is 61% more expensive than in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Montevideo is 72% more expensive than in Bogotá, Colombia

Punta del Este is 23% more expensive than in Buenos Aires

Punta del Este is 9% cheaper than in Santiago

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