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About me - An entrepreneur and advisor to expats and high-net-worth individuals

I help high-net-worth individuals, expats and those who struggle to find the right investment solutions locally.

My wealth management services will help you to grow, and preserve, your wealth.

Why did I start?  At 18, I opened my first investment account in the UK.  I was left infuriated by the experience.

It took an entire month to open the account. Then, they even said they would close down my account if I moved abroad!

It was a time-consuming and depressing process for somebody who just wanted to invest in a painless and profitable way.

So, I fully understand how you feel about finance. Nobody should have to worry about paperwork, difficult decision-making and handling complex financial issues, without a bit of help.

Are you frustrated pained by financial indecision or confused by investing? If so, let’s talk today.

I am a published author on Amazon, and featured in some of the world’s biggest publications.

Client Success Stories

  1.  Nikolaos in the UK shares his experience with my financial consulting service on YouTube.
  2.  Tom, an American in Germany, has provided an audio recommendation.
LinkedIn Recommendations
Philippe Lequeux

“Adam, You’ve ever been professional. always keen to find out the best tailored solution adjusted to my needs and requirements. It was really a pleasure to have been one of your customer during the 5 last years in Cambodia.”

Chris Wieners

“Adam is detailed-oriented and I was very comfortable prior to and after the purchase of my policies and other products from him. He was straight-forward and to-the-point; I know he was always looking out after my best interests.”

Ankur Pogula

“After speaking to one of his existing clients, I decided to go ahead in January. Subsequently my accounts have performed well, up by about 7% so far this year, and I am satisfied with the advice given.”

Oliver Church

“He can sometimes come across too stern but that is only because he is a highly professional financial consultant that is very serious about his work and providing the utmost care and reliability towards handling his clients investments. A confident person and an excellent communicator.”

Nikolaos Vafeidis

It is 2019 and Adam is a pioneer. I have referred him to close friends and colleagues and i highly recommend him.”

Richard Winterton

“Adam has developed a thorough understanding of the financial markets which helps clients to invest wisely. In every field, his expertise grows year by year.

FAQs – Are we a good fit?

I have become progressively more selective about the clients I take. You should expect certain standards from me, and I expect certain things from my clients.

I expect clients to be long-term orientated, trustworthy, trusting and efficient as I explain here alongside some frequently asked questions.


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Click Here To Apply NowAre you an expat or high-net-worth? Are you time-poor, juggling many financial priorities or just confused about all the investment options out there? If you have at least $100,000, or $2,000 a month, then this service is for you. I deal with wealth preservation and money management strategies, expat mortgages and much more.
Click Here To Apply NowDo you have at least $50,000, or $500 a month? Are you looking to save and invest for retirement, or a rainy then? Then let my team help you.
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