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Review Articles

This category provides comprehensive evaluations and analyses of financial products, services, and trends. It features unbiased, detailed reviews from a team of financial experts, covering investment platforms, banking services, insurance policies, and financial tools. The reviews address key investor and consumer questions, evaluating products on criteria like cost-effectiveness, user experience, and innovation.

Banking Review Articles

Focused on providing reviews and analysis of various banking services. This could include evaluations of different banks, their services, account types, and the quality of customer service offered.

Investment Provider Reviews

Offers reviews and analysis of various investment providers. This might include evaluations of investment platforms, broker services, and comparisons of provider fees and services.

Investment Options

A category likely dedicated to exploring and explaining different investment opportunities. It may cover a range of investment vehicles, from stocks and bonds to more niche options.

Wealth/Asset Management

Covers topics related to managing wealth and assets, including investment strategies, portfolio management, and advice on wealth preservation and growth.

Stock Markets

Provides insights and analysis of stock markets worldwide, offering updates on market trends, investment opportunities, and strategies for stock market investing.


Focuses on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), providing insights into how to invest in ETFs, their benefits, market trends, and comparison with other investment options.

Precious Metals Investment

Focuses on investing in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, including physical metals, ETFs, futures, and stocks in mining companies.

Financial Planning

Focuses on strategies for effective financial planning, covering topics like budgeting, saving, investment planning, and long-term financial goal setting.


Offers information and advice on planning for retirement. This includes strategies for saving, investment options for retirement funds, and tips on managing finances post-retirement.


Offers advice and information on pension planning, including different types of pension schemes, strategies for maximizing pension benefits, and planning for retirement.


This category focuses on financial advice and information relevant to expatriates, covering topics like international banking, investment while living abroad, and managing finances in different countries.

How to Guides

Do-it-yourself guides centered around investing and finance. These articles probably offer step-by-step instructions and advice on various financial activities and investment strategies.


Dedicated to strategies and advice on saving money, including tips on building an emergency fund, high-yield savings accounts, and techniques for effective saving.

Send Money/Money Transfer

Covers the various aspects of international money transfers, including the best services for expats, tips for cost-effective transfers, and understanding currency exchange rates.

Real Estate/Property

Offers insights and advice on real estate investment and property management. It could cover market trends, investment strategies, and tips for buying or selling property.


Focuses on the financial aspects of various lifestyle choices. This could include budgeting for lifestyle goals, the financial impact of lifestyle decisions, or integrating personal finance with lifestyle planning.

Cost of living

Cost of living is a subcategory of lifestyle.  The “Cost of Living” category offers an insightful exploration into the economic landscape faced by expatriates across the globe.

Business Strategy

Focuses on strategies for business growth and management, covering topics like market analysis, business planning, and strategic decision-making for business success.


Covers various aspects of health, life, and car insurance policies, including selection

Trading Platforms Review

Offers evaluations and insights on various trading platforms, focusing on user experience, fees, and features.

Investment Funds

Discusses different types of investment funds, their strategies, performance, and how to choose the right one.


Focuses on bond investments, covering types of bonds, market analysis, and investment tactics.

Index Fund

Dedicated to index funds, discussing their benefits, comparison with other investment types, and selection strategies.

Mutual Fund’s

Covers various aspects of mutual fund investments, including fund types, portfolio management, and performance analysis.

Financial News

Provides the latest news and updates from the financial world, covering market trends, economic events, and financial forecasts.


Offers advice on mortgages, including selecting the right mortgage plan, interest rates, and repayment strategies.

Adam Fayed in the media

Features webinars hosted by Adam Fayed, covering a range of financial topics, strategies, and insights.

Immigration & Citizenship

Likely provides information and guidance on financial aspects related to immigration and citizenship, such as investment for residency or citizenship programs, financial requirements, and tax implications.


Features financial content in audio or podcast format. This might include interviews with financial experts, audio guides on financial planning, or discussions on current financial trends.



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Gain free access to Adam’s two expat books.

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