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About me - An entrepreneur and advisor to expats and high-net-worth individuals

I help high-net-worth individuals, expats and those struggling to find suitable local investment solutions.

My award-winning wealth management services will help you grow and preserve your wealth.

Why did I start? At 18, I opened my first investment account in the UK. I was left infuriated by the experience.

It was a time-consuming and depressing process for somebody who just wanted to invest painlessly and profitably.

So, I fully understand how you feel about finance. Nobody should worry about paperwork, difficult decision-making and handling complex financial issues without help.

Do you want to solve your financial and investing problems with fewer hassles and steps?

Or are you pained by financial indecision or confused by investing? If so, let’s talk today.

I am a published author on Amazon, with a monthly column on Forbes.

Client Success Stories

  1.  Nikolaos in the UK shares his experience with my financial consulting service on YouTube.
  2.  Tom, an American in Germany, has provided an audio recommendation.
LinkedIn Recommendations - 3 of 32 Total

Adam’s a rare good egg in a field of dodgy pretenders. I highly appreciate his imaginative diversification recommendations, intelligent and personal service. As a bonus he started in Brum (Birmingham UK), like a lot of good ‘ns! :)”

Jon Cotton

“Since working with Adam, he has met and surpassed my expectations of working with financial advisors. From the very beginning, I have been very impressed with his competence not only with his wise and skillful placement of my money but also his very professional organization.
Adam takes an appropriate interest in one’s personal life situation while at the same time keeping focused on identified goals. Honest, reliable, ethical and highly recommended.”

Gaelle Tresallet

“At first, I was slightly hesitant, as I hadn’t met him. After speaking to one of his existing clients, I decided to go ahead in January. Subsequently my accounts have performed well, up by about 7% so far this year, and I am satisfied with the advice given. What has become useful for me is realizing that Adam is always online and responds quickly, and has global clients, so we can have a long-term relationship no matter where I am in the world.

Adam goes out of the way to give very insightful and realistic tips to manage our personal finance for no additional cost. Highly recommended working with him.”

Ankur Pogula
FAQs – Are we a good fit?

I have become progressively more selective about the clients I take. You should expect specific standards from me, and I expect certain things from my clients.

I expect clients to be long-term orientated, trustworthy, trusting and efficient as I explain here alongside some frequently asked questions.

See if you are a good fit today by taking my eligibility quiz, simply click the button below.

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Click Here To Apply NowAre you an expat or high-net-worth? Are you time-poor, juggling many financial priorities or just confused about all the investment options out there? If you have at least $150,000, then this service is for you. I deal with wealth preservation and money management strategies, expat mortgages and much more. If you have less than $150,000, my team would be delighted to help.
Click Here To Apply NowDo you have at least $50,000, or $500 a month? Are you looking to save and invest for retirement, or a rainy then? Then let my team help you.
Find out what supplementary services we do hereAre you looking for bank accounts, second passports, residencies and much else?
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