3 of the Best Ted Talks on Money and Investing

We have all stumbled upon a good Ted Talk or two after getting bored and watching Youtube.

So what are some of the best Ted Talks on money and investing? Below are my top three picks:

Money can buy happiness – Michael Norton

What is conventional wisdom in most Western countries? Money can’t buy happiness, at least once you are comfortable (mid-income or above).

Michael Norton challenges that view. He claims that how you spend money is key.

If you spend it on yourself, you might not become happier, even with considerably more money.

If you spend it on others, in comparison, it can make a huge difference to your well being.

What’s more, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you spend $5 or $1,000 on others.

The mere act of giving makes you happy.

How to become a millionaire in three years – Daniel Ally

It might sound like a get rich quick idea at first, but this video is actually about how to define happiness and success for yourself.

He speaks about the importance of reading, learning new skills and turning your life around.

How does the Stock Market Work -Oliver Elfenbaum

The video starts off with an interesting history of the British East Asia Company, before speaking about how the stock market works today.

A great video for absolute beginners starting their journey investing. Even many experienced investors, though, forget about the basics of the market.

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