30 Best International Schools In Thailand

30 Best International Schools In Thailand

30 Best International Schools In Thailand

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If you want to send your children to one of the best international schools in Thailand, you can think about and contact some of the schools listed in this article.

Thailand is home to many top-notch international schools, but choosing the best one can be challenging. Finding the best school for your children will be one of the most difficult aspects of moving to Thailand or any other new country.

Finding a good school in a new location can be difficult for parents. There is always the worry that you’ll make the wrong decision and send your kids to a poor school.

The difficulty of adjusting to various educational systems and languages experienced by children. Additionally, they must deal with the hassle of making new friends. Therefore, for expat children living in Thailand, attending an international school is a better option.

They offer an international curriculum rather than requiring them to adhere to the regional curricula. English is also the language of instruction there.

International schools also come with a lot of benefits. The education offered by these institutions is of a high calibre. As a result, parents can watch with confidence as their kids receive the best education.

To aid you in your search, here is a list of some of the top international schools in Thailand below! It is not a complete or ranked list.

29 Best International Schools in Thailand

1. Acacia International School, Bangkok

The Bangkok neighborhood of Sathorn and Ekkamai Soi 4 is home to Acacia International School. The English and French curricula used in this school are the most appropriate for the students.

Its curriculum covers a variety of topics, including problem-solving, literacy, language, reasoning, knowledge, and physical development.

This school charges as little as 161,173 Thai Baht in tuition. Either Lumpini MRT station or Chong Nonsi BTS station will take you to Acacia Sathorn. Ekkamai BTS station and Acacia Ekkamai are both nearby.

2. American School of Bangkok, Samut Prakan

The American School of Bangkok, one of the best international schools in Thailand, was established in 1983 and now has two distinct campuses, both of which provide a comprehensive American curriculum.

The Green Valley campus, which is situated in a suitably lush environment, not only provides academic training that can lead to scholarships at prestigious international universities, but also serves as the location of the only junior golf academy in Asia. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

30 Best International Schools In Thailand
The American School of Bangkok campus. Image from the school website.

3. Australian International School Bangkok, Bangkok

For students entering kindergarten through first grade, the school has a separate campus in a residential neighborhood in the heart of Bangkok. Students in grades one through twelve are accommodated on the main campus, which is nearby.

In order to meet the English proficiency requirements of universities in English-speaking nations, the school also plans to offer year 13 university preparatory courses.

4. Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok

Thailand’s oldest international school and one of the three “grandes dames” of Thai schools, Bangkok Patana School, was established in 1957. The school still keeps a strong connection to its British roots today. This means that both the students and the majority of the teachers are from the United Kingdom.

The school offers an English education through the IGCSE and then the International Baccalaureate Diploma and likely has the highest percentage of students with UK passports (nearly 25%) of any school in Bangkok.

It is one of the oldest, biggest, and best international schools in Thailand, as well as one that is recognized by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

The excellence of Patana’s arts and sports is primarily recognized. It has a sizable art center with a 600-seat Rosamund Stuetzel theater, a practice room for the orchestra, multi-media production studios, acting studios, and more. The black box has 300 seats.

The school does exceptionally well in sports in addition to the arts. Numerous swimming galas, interclass competitions, sports days, an “aquathlon” run and swim challenge, and record-breaking competitions are held there regularly.

The sports facilities are unquestionably top-notch, and the students have access to a variety of facilities including sports fields, a sports hall with a climbing wall, miniature tennis courts, dance studios, and swimming pools.

5. Bangkok Prep International School, Bangkok

This school has primary and secondary campuses that are separated by about three kilometers and both have easy access to sky-train stations, Bangkok’s solution to the traffic chaos. Another school with sizable cohorts of students from the US and UK is Bangkok’s Prep.

In addition to students from local families, other nationalities represented at the school include Australians and Japanese. It holds dual accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).

6. Berkeley International School, Bangkok

One of Bangkok’s more recent and smaller schools, Berkeley International School first welcomed students in 2010. Although new, it is one of the best international schools in Thailand.

The majority of the students (roughly 70%) are from US, UK, or European families, and the curriculum is entirely American.

20% of the students at the school received SAT scores of 1,400 or higher (top 5 per cent globally). The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has granted it accreditation.

7. Brighton College International School, Bangkok

In 2016, Brighton College International School opened its doors on a gleaming campus that had been specially constructed in the east of Bangkok. The school emphasizes language learning, making Thai and Mandarin mandatory until the fourth year.

Additionally, it operates closely with its parent institution, Brighton College UK, which was recently named the best independent school in the UK. Local students outnumber students from other countries by a ratio of roughly 60:40.

8. British International School, Phuket

The biggest international school in Phuket was established in 1996 and is called British International School Phuket (BISP). It is one of the best international schools in Thailand.

From pre-school (18 months old) to Year 13, it now provides a wide range of educational opportunities (18 years old).

The school provides an internationalized version of the National Curriculum for England. Additionally, it consistently receives excellent scores on both the IBDP and IGCSE exams.

Additionally well known is BISP’s Aspirational Curriculum. Five sports academies are run by the school, including triathlon, football, swimming, and tennis. The Aspirational Curriculum also includes an art and design academy, a business academy, and a STEM academy in addition to sports.

This school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to participate in, including making movies, Thai cooking, street dancing, and touch rugby.

One of Thailand’s most stunning campuses belongs to BISP. There are eight boarding houses on the 44-acre campus, in addition to elementary and secondary schools. On the campus are additionally science labs, a refectory, art and music centers, and a 300-seat auditorium.

The school is also highly praised for its sports facilities, which include a golf center, tennis courts, football fields, and swimming pools.

9. Concordian International School, Bangkok

The school offers an entire International Baccalaureate curriculum, but up until the end of fourth grade, all classes are taught in English under a trilingual (English, Chinese, and Thai) program. The vast majority of students are local, by far (85 per cent).

The Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) both accredit the institution.

10. ELC International School, Bangkok

A specially adapted curriculum is only taught up to the age of eleven at ELC International School, one of the group’s five nurseries and preschools.

In the heart of Bangkok, the school serves 40 different nationalities and is recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).

11. Harrow International School Bangkok, Bangkok

The school was founded more than 20 years ago and has recently undergone a complete rebuild and renovation. It is situated in a breathtaking setting right on the water.

With close ties to its well-known sibling, Harrow International School Bangkok operated under a license given by Harrow School, London. It is one of the bigger schools in Bangkok, and most of its students are local—about 80%. It has Council of International Schools accreditation (CIS).

30 Best International Schools In Thailand
Boarding Village of Harrow International School Bangkok. Image from the school website.

12. International Community School Bangkok, Bangkok

By Thai standards, The International Community School Bangkok is a middle-aged institution given that it was established in 1993. The Association of Christian Schools International accredited it and it has a strong Christian ethos (ACSI).

Less than 50% of the school’s students are from local families; the remaining students are from about 20 different countries. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has also granted it accreditation.

13. International School Bangkok, Bangkok

International School Bangkok, the oldest international school in Bangkok, was established in 1951 for the children of US and UN diplomats and is still regarded by many as one of the best educational institutions in the nation. It is one of the best international schools in Thailand.

The school is unique in that it offers both the traditional American graduate degrees and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), has a sizable American student body, and parents elect the school’s governing body.

14. KIS International School, Bangkok

Despite not offering the IB Careers Programme, KIS International School is one of the relatively few all-through IB schools in Bangkok. The school, which was established in 1998, has recently undergone renovations that include the addition of new athletic and artistic facilities.

Its name is KIS, or Knowledge, Inspiration, Spirit. It was accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

15. Kobato International School, Bangkok

Japanese is the language of instruction at this international school. The Japanese Curriculum is also utilized. The Thong Lo BTS Station is close to Kobato International School.

16. Lycée Francais de Bangkok, Bangkok

Lycée Francais de Bangkok, one of the best international schools in Thailand, is a relatively new institution, having only opened its doors in 2003, compared to some of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) schools that have been operating in the Far East for more than 50 years.

The school is divided into two sections: the traditional section and the British international section, with the latter offering more English language instruction while still adhering to the French curriculum. Additionally, the school gives Thai speakers the choice of an additional four hours (per week) of Thai instruction.

17. New International School Thailand, Bangkok

The number of western students at New International School Thailand, one of the best international schools in Thailand, is higher than that of some of its rivals. 1992 saw the official opening of NIST International School.

Although it was established in that year with assistance from the United Nations office in Bangkok, the term “new” is a bit misleading because it has developed into one of the bigger international schools in Bangkok and the first institution in Thailand to offer the three stages of the International Baccalaureate program. 

Additionally, it is one of the few schools in Thailand that provides the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Program in addition to a range of programs from kindergarten through high school graduation.

In addition, CIS, NEASC, and ONESQA all accredited NIST, making it the first school in Thailand to do so.

Students at NIST International School have access to the best facilities available. A creative arts building, counseling rooms, science labs, a sports complex with a FIFA-standard field, a theater, tech centers, and other amenities are among the available spaces.

NIST additionally provides over 300 extracurricular pursuits (ECAs). Drama, sports, the arts, music, languages, and technology are just a few examples of ECAs.

18. Regents International School Pattaya, Pattaya

Dr. Virachai Techavijt founded the school in 2000 and serves as its founder, chairman, and owner. It is a school that primarily serves Korean, Chinese, and Thai students. The International Baccalaureate Diploma and an English curriculum are both available at Regent’s International School.

Regents International School Pattaya, one of the best international schools in Thailand, has established a reputation as one of the top international schools in Eastern Southeast Asia since its founding in 1994. This comprehensive day and boarding school offers the IGCSE and the IBDP in addition to the British curriculum.

It was inspected by the Educational Development Trust (EDT) for British Schools Abroad (BSO) and granted accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Popular for providing a well-rounded education, Regents International School Pattaya. The school, which works with MIT, is renowned for its cutting-edge approaches to teaching science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Along with academic excellence, it places a strong emphasis on leadership, global citizenship, languages, and music. Along with fully-equipped art studios, the school has ICT rooms, a music technology suite, and other amenities.

The Juilliard-curated repertoire serves as the foundation for their music curriculum. Students can also participate in the school orchestra, rock bands, tuned percussion ensemble, and choirs.

There is a nursery, elementary school, and secondary school at this fully inclusive institution. In addition, it offers boarding to students in Year 3 and up.

19. RIS Swiss Section, Bangkok

One of the best international schools in Thailand called RIS Swiss Section (Swiss & German) offers a Swiss and German curriculum. German and Swiss students are not the only ones who attend this school. Any student can participate.

Here, the tuition only costs 127,850 Thai Baht. Given that the RIS Swiss Section Bangkok is located outside of the city center, having access to the airport link at a station like Makkasan Airport Link can make getting there easier.

20. Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok

The 1950s saw the founding of three international schools in Bangkok, the third of which is Ruamrudee International School. Over 60% of the students are from Thai families, with the majority of the remaining students hailing from the United States, India, and Japan.

Although it is an American education, an alternative qualification is the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges gave it its seal of approval.

21. Rugby School Thailand, Bangkok

The Teepsuwan family opened the first of its planned network of international schools in 2017 with the opening of Rugby School Thailand in collaboration with the renowned Rugby School in the UK.

The goal was to stay as true as possible to the original ethos (boarding houses, etc.), while giving each school its own unique spin.

A second venture is scheduled to launch in Japan in 2022. The school is brand-new, and its purpose-built campus includes a massive sports arena measuring 10,000 square meters.

22. Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

The school has a British cohort, which is unsurprising given its origins, but Thai students make up nearly three-quarters of the enrolment. It has two campuses, a newly constructed primary school and an all-through school that produces very high GCSE and A Level results. The school offers an English-only curriculum, is a member of the Head Masters Conference, and is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

30 Best International Schools In Thailand
Teacher and student in Shrewsbury International School. Image from Hello! Magazine Thailand.

23. Singapore International School of Bangkok, Bangkok

Singaporean curriculum is used by SISB. Students between the ages of 2 and 18 are accepted at this school. The annual cost of tuition can be as low as baht 258,300. The Wang Thonglang district, Ekkamai, Thonburi, and Suvarnabhumi are where its campuses are situated.

24. St. Andrew’s International School, Bangkok

One of the over 65 global schools in the Nord Anglia Education Group’s stable is St Andrew’s International School, which serves about 50% of local students and benefits from the partnership between the organization and MIT and the Juilliard School in New York for the performing arts (STEM).

By Thai international school standards, the school is a little unusual because it actively promotes an all-encompassing SEN program. The Educational Development Trust (EDT) for British Schools Abroad (BSO) inspected it.

25. St. Stephen’s International School (SIS), Bangkok

Out of all the international schools, St. Stephen’s International School may have the highest proportion of Thai students. There aren’t many students from other countries, but there are typically a few from British families.

The institution was established in 1998 and has earned accreditation from both the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NESC) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

26. Thai-Chinese International School, Samutprakan

The Samutprakan district of Bang Phli is home to the Thai-Chinese International School, one of the best international schools in Thailand. It accepts students from elementary school through middle school and follows the Chinese curriculum.

The cost of tuition is roughly Baht 511,339. The Bearing BTS station is the location of the nearest public transportation to the Thai Chinese International School.

27. Trinity International School, Bangkok

Sukhumvit Lane in Bangkok, Thailand is where you can find this international school. Programs are available at the school for students in Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. English, math, and science are all covered in the same curriculum for each of these programs.

The students’ ages here range from three to seventeen. The yearly costs start at Baht 273,960. The Thong Lo BTS Station is only a few hundred meters away from Trinity International School.

28. United World College (UWC) Thailand, Phuket

United World College Thailand (UWCT), like NIST International School, is one of just a handful of institutions in Thailand to provide the entire IB curriculum.

As a result, the school is a fantastic option for parents looking to provide their children with an international education. In 2009, it was known as Phuket International Academy; in 2016, it became a UWC school.

It is well known that UWCT supports its students’ intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. The school’s emphasis on integrating social-emotional learning and mindfulness is also acknowledged internationally (SEL).

It is unique because it offers a comprehensive educational program that integrates academics, community service, mindfulness, and outdoor education.

The stunning green campus of UWCT is located in Phuket at the base of a national park. A performing arts center, a black box theater, a sports arena, and a multipurpose hall are all on the campus.

The Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is close by. Students can therefore use the beach volleyball court, fitness centers, sports fields, sports courts, track, and swimming pools at the resort.

29. Wellington College International School Bangkok, Bangkok

Wellington College International School Bangkok, one of the best international schools in Thailand, opened in 2018 as the first international Wellington network school outside China. The school only offers instruction up to year 7, but plans to grow and start offering both A Levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

Within a year of opening its doors, it became the first school in the world to receive the Council of British International Schools’ highest level of accreditation (COBIS Patron’s Accreditation).

30. Wells International School, Bangkok

The 1999-founded Wells International School currently has several campuses in Bangkok and a brand-new overseas location in Yangon, Myanmar. With a smattering of Americans and Canadians, it is providing an American education to a diverse group of nationalities from Europe and the Far East.

The school is owned by a regional educational corporation that is also the proprietor of the Bangkok School of Management. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) granted the school accreditation.

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