7 Celebrities That Now Have Ordinary Jobs

A few days ago, I was answering a question online about celebrities that now have “normal jobs”, often because of failing to plan financially. Below is a more extensive list of celebrities that now work regular jobs.

1. Vanila Ice

  • The former artist now sells lighting.

2. Philippe Albert

  • The former Newcastle star currently has a business selling fruit and vegetables, although he occasionally appears on Belgium TV as a pundit.

3. Vin Baker

  • Blew about $100m and took a job working at Starbucks

4. Adrian Dantley

  • Former basketball player is now a…crossing guard

5. Paul Cattlemole

  • Used to be part of a band called S Club 7 from the UK. Now unemployed and broke.

6. Tito Santana

  • The former professional wrestler took a job teacheing Spanish part-time.

7. Gaizka Mendieta

  • The former Barcelona player is now a……..DJ!

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