Adam Fayed Academy – Released Today!

We are delighted to announce that the Adam Fayed Academy has been released today.

We are also providing some special offers for our readers, which number the tens of thousands on this website and millions across platforms.

The information below will answer all the main questions we have received about the academy.

Why was the academy started?

I have seen a huge demand from readers for two service areas I couldn’t previously service:

  1. Courses and programs, including business guidance. This was especially requested from readers who can’t afford my account minimums.
  2. Services for American-residents who can’t become my investment client.

What services and products will it offer?

The Adam Fayed Academy is split into three sections

  1. Investing fundamentals For people that want to learn how to invest productively. The courses start at the very basic level (what’s a stock, bond, ETF etc), and will gradually become more advanced. Therefore, the courses are ideal for beginners or even intermediate learners that want a more detailed, and advanced, view of investing.
  2. Making money online – This course is ideal for business owners, freelancers and anybody who wants a second (or passive) income. The course will cover topics including how I built up to getting over 15million monthly readers across platforms.
  3. Bespoke guidance – For those that want 1-1 guidance from me. This includes hourly sessions + retainers for people looking for a more in-depth solution.

How often will new content be released?

Every week there will be at least two new videos released per courses.

In total, therefore, there will be hundreds of lessons available in the coming years.

What are the special discounts for readers and those on the academy? readers can get an “early birds” discount of 10% by entering “loyalty” into the discount section on the checkout page. This code will only last for a week.

People on the academy will gain special discounts worth hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars.

Some of those discounts will include free guides, special discounts from online brokers worth $200+ and much more.

This system will reward students who are loyal to the program for a number of years. – 2021 plans

I am also delighted to announce that from 2021 we will be releasing our Investing Right App, which is already on the Goole Play store, onto iOs.

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