After speaking about my top five most popular videos on YouTube a few days ago, I will now complete the list of the top 10 pieces of content.

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6. Why you shouldn’t buy property in Dubai

What are the main reasons you shouldn’t buy property in Dubai and why do many lose money?

This is also my fastest growing video.

7.Expat Investing Guide

On this video, I announced a new expat investing guide for beginners.

8. What are the 9 things stopping you from achieving success?

Many people wonder why they aren’t achieving success. This video speaks about nine reasons why that might be.

9. Why did I start doing this + my investment process

Why did I start this journey, and what is my investment process?

10. What doesn’t the UK media want you to know?

UK house prices are lower than they were 12-13 years ago, adjusted for inflation, but the media rarely report on this issue.

That was the topic of this video.

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