Auto Insurance Comparison and Quotes

I have been asked by some readers which are the best companies for auto insurance/car insurance, and auto insurance calculators.

This makes sense.  In my native UK and many countries, it is a regulatory requirement to own auto and house insurance.

I do not represent any of the companies below, nor am I affiliates with them in any way.  I find  the following  list and calculators can be useful for consumers in the US, UK and in some expat markets.  

  1. Geico 
  7. (for UK)
  8. (for UK)

The following websites are also useful: (worldwide) (for Thailand) (Cambodia for Auto Insurance. Globally for expats for health and life insurance)

If you do save on your renewal, this can compound if you invest the money. Saving money, and investing the surplus, is one of the keys of financial freedom I mention in my book and in my online courses on financial freedom. 

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