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4 Best Digital Banks in Germany

If you are looking for the best digital banks in Germany, you are in luck. 

There is a vast selection of good options available, each of which offers a variety of advantages, including attractive interest rates on credit cards, features that can be customized on debit cards, and mobile banking services that are convenient.

The German banking technology sector plays a pivotal role in the country’s financial innovation and modernization.

In the past few years, the banking industry has seen a substantial upheaval as a result of the rise of a new generation of digital banks.

Customers can now choose from a wider variety of innovative financial services thanks to the expansion of the range.

The level of disruption that has occurred in the online banking and financial technology sector in Europe has been extremely significant.

Neobanks in Germany and challenger banks have emerged in abundance, capturing the attention of a significant number of people who are eager to make financial transactions.

Through the utilization of an online banking services platform, you will be able to easily manage your financial affairs from any place, take advantage of a variety of unique financial services, and improve the effectiveness of your business operations across Europe.

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Digital Banking in Germany

Digital banking in Germany has witnessed rapid growth, shaping the dynamic German fintech landscape.

German banks have promptly adopted the technological advancements in the financial services industry.

Starlord - Best Digital Banks in Germany
An illustration of the transformation of traditional banking to digital banking.

The ongoing digitalization of banking is reshaping traditional banking practices in Germany.

Well-established, renowned companies and emerging financial startups provide a variety of financial services.

Nevertheless, the adoption of mobile banking by the German population has been somewhat less rapid than in numerous other European nations. 

E-banking in Germany has become integral to the financial ecosystem, offering convenient and secure banking services.

Approximately 59% of Germans engage in online banking services, a percentage that exceeds the average for the European Union.

Nevertheless, this figure falls well short of the rates observed in several other countries, including France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

According to a 2018 study conducted by ING, Germany lags behind other European countries, as well as Australia and the United States, in terms of mobile banking usage.

German financial innovation is thriving as technology continues to reshape the landscape of banking services.

Setting up a digital bank account in Germany is a straightforward process. Simply install the digital bank app on your mobile device and create an account within minutes.

Online submission of documentation is possible, and ID verification can be completed using a video-based authentication process.

Every German financial provider will possess its individual app with unique characteristics.

Several German mobile banking apps offer personalized functionalities to allow users to change their settings according to their preferences.

Expats can utilize the money transfer and international payment facilities. 

Currently, not all banking services may be accessed through mobile banking apps due to certain limits.

The majority of individuals lack the ability to move funds into accounts denominated in other currencies, and the availability of borrowing choices is likewise restricted.

Your reliance on reliable Wi-Fi may be a challenge in rural regions despite the generally excellent internet coverage throughout Germany.

German banking trends reflect a shift towards digital solutions and customer-centric financial services.

Best Digital Banks in Germany


Wise is not a conventional financial institution; rather, it is a notable money transfer business that is well-known for offering some of the most cost-effective domestic and international transactions in the globe.

Not only does Wise offer money transfers, but it also offers the Wise Multi-Currency Account, which is a highly competitive foreign currency spending account and card offering.

Proof of residency in Germany, as well as in a great number of other countries across the world, is required in order to proceed with the process of obtaining a Wise Account, which is a process that is efficient and uncomplicated.

Following the completion of the registration process and the delivery of your card, which could take up to two weeks in Germany, you will be granted access to the exceptional functions that are connected to your account.

Wise offers the option to obtain domestic banking information in several countries, including the US, Eurozone, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Romania, Canada, Hungary, and Turkey.

There is a maximum of 56 different currencies that you are able to possess, trade, and add cash to without any restrictions.

In addition, you have the opportunity to acquire a Visa debit card that is compatible with a wide range of currencies.

This makes it easy for you to make contactless payments in different currencies without incurring any charges that are not revealed.

The strong global money transfer service offered by Wise can be utilized immediately from your account balance, making it a handy option for you.

Advantages of Using Wise

In addition to storing funds in over 50 different currencies and allowing you to transfer money to more than 80 different destinations, your account gives you access to account details in up to ten different currencies.

In comparison to the prices charged by other digital payment solutions available on the market, Wise’s money transfer fees are extremely competitive.

There is no confusion or ambiguity regarding the pricing structure. In the middle market, Wise offers currency transfers at exchange rates that are competitive with other providers.

It is possible to avoid incurring fees for cashless transactions made in foreign countries by using the Wise card. There are no initial fees of any kind, nor are there any recurring monthly costs.

Disadvantages of Using Wise

Cash and checks are not acceptable forms of payment because Wise does not accept them. It is not possible to obtain loans or overdrafts.

A negative interest rate is applied to accounts that have large balances in euros. When you add funds to the account using a debit or credit card, there are fees that are associated with the transaction.

The withdrawals from ATMs that are free of charge are subject to stringent restrictions and regulations imposed by Wise.

Final Review

Mobile wallets in Germany are becoming increasingly popular, contributing to the country’s financial tech evolution.

The best online multi-currency account is Wise, which is available to German residents as well as non-residents living in Germany.

For people who travel frequently, make purchases online, or live in a foreign country, Wise is the perfect solution.


Financial technology in Germany continues to evolve, driving advancements in German banking technology.

With around seven million customers in the European Union, N26 is one of the well-known virtual banks in Germany that is frequently utilized and highly respected as a German internet bank.

Starlord - Best Digital Banks in Germany
An illustration of digitalization of banking.

N26 has entered into a collaboration with Wise’s money transfer service, which enables users to make international money transfers within the app at currency rates that are significantly more favorable than those offered by other businesses.

N26 is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for economical banking owing to the extensive choice of current account services that it offers.

Efficient online account management is a key component of the evolving financial landscape in Germany.

N26 offers a variety of premium account alternatives in addition to a single free account in the form of the ‘N26 Standard’ account.

The ‘N26 Standard’ account is an online banking solution, as well as a digital payment solutions, that is both highly skilled and extensive.

Perhaps most notable is the fact that it does not incur any monthly fees. In addition to being accessible via the N26 app, the ‘N26 Standard’ is a full current account that can be accessed online.

A clear debit Mastercard that is sent without any additional charges is provided by the technology, which also permits cashless transactions.

There are additional costs that should be taken into consideration despite the fact that the ‘N26 Standard’ account is reasonably priced.

To give you an example, the account is free of charge for up to three withdrawals from ATMs within the Eurozone region each and every month. Because of this, there is a cost of two euros associated with each withdrawal.

A tax of 1.70 percent is applied to the total amount of cash that is withdrawn from automated teller machines (ATMs) located in countries that are not part of the Eurozone.

These countries include Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others. It is important to note that this commission is quite high.

Open banking initiatives in Germany are fostering greater connectivity and collaboration within the financial sector.

Advantages of Using N26

There are many advantages to using N26. Wise has formed a partnership with N26 in order to serve as a facilitator for international money transactions. 

Banking security technology remains a top priority in the development of digital financial solutions in Germany.

One of the most secure checking accounts available is one that is provided by a financial institution that possesses a current license.

Instantaneous transfers to the vast majority of other SEPA bank accounts are available through the use of the N26 option. When it comes to day-to-day use, the N26 standard plan is cost-free practically.

Disadvantages of Using N26

Unfortunately, N26 also has a few downsides. A fee of 1.70 percent is assessed for withdrawals made from ATMs using foreign currency.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of interest, loans, joint accounts, and the ability to deal with many currencies.

N26 services are not available to citizens or residents of the United Kingdom. In order to enable individuals to withdraw an unlimited amount of cash without incurring any fees, an improvement is required.

Final Review

Within the N26 plan, there is a cost that can range anywhere from €4.90 to €16.90 for upgrading to a higher plan.

Benefits such as comprehensive insurance coverage, in-depth analysis of your expenditures, and priority help for customers are all included in this upgrade.

Nevertheless, the fundamental banking features of N26 are available on the free account, and this account ought to suit all of your requirements if you are looking for an account that provides free essential banking services.


Over the past few years, Revolut, a key participant in the digital banking business, has emerged as a frontrunner in the market for reasonable online financial services in Europe.

Located in London, the financial technology company has a user base that exceeds 12 million people and is accessible all over the world, including in Germany.

It is more appropriate to use Revolut as a supplementary spending tool alongside a primary bank account rather than as a complete substitute for it.

This is due to the fact that Revolut is not yet recognized as a bank in all of the countries that are members of the European Union.

Revolut is a licensed bank in various regions of the European Union and the European Economic Area, including Germany.

Individuals who are residents of Germany have the opportunity to open an account with Revolut Bank, a financial institution that offers a variety of financial services, including loans and credit cards.

Because of its capacity to provide a diverse range of services and cheap fees, it is regarded as an attractive alternative to conventional banking institutions.

Opening a Revolut Account

Establishing a ‘Standard’ account with Revolut does not result in any fees; nevertheless, a payment of around €5 is required for the initial distribution of the first debit card.

A 2% surcharge (with a minimum of €1) will be imposed on any future withdrawals that exceed €200 or five withdrawals per month, notwithstanding the fact that automatic teller machine withdrawals are not subject to any fees.

Furthermore, sending money to other members of Revolut is not only easy and free, but it also happens instantly.

In particular, if the people to whom you frequently transfer money are also members of Revolut, this function brings about an increase in the dependability of the service.

Additionally, Revolut offers reasonable rates for international money transfers, which makes it an enticing choice for customers who frequently send money to different countries throughout the world.

The exchange of currencies is free of charge during the weekdays; however, users are obliged to pay a fixed fee of 0.50% on all foreign transactions.

This fee is applicable to all cashless transactions. When it comes to international money transfers that are carried out on weekends, it is essential to be aware that Revolut applies a double cost, which results in a charge rise of 1% on Saturdays and Sundays.

Advantages of Using Revolut

The banking and multi-currency options that are available with Revolut are of a wide variety. A debit card that is acceptable for making cashless transactions in foreign countries is included in the package at a reasonable cost.

Revolut includes features that offer investing opportunities. A number of cutting-edge features are included in the mobile banking apps, which also feature a sophisticated appearance.

Foreign exchange costs are not applicable to cashless transactions that take place outside of the country and have a value of up to one thousand euros (or its equivalent).

Disadvantages of Using Revolut

Some attractive features are only available to users who have the ‘Standard’ subscription. Charges are incurred for a number of different foreign currency transfers.

There was an increase in the fees for foreign exchange over the weekend.

Final Review

Revolut stands out as one of the best banking options that are currently available on the market. Apart from a primary bank account, it also provides a trustworthy spending choice.

In particular, it is suitable for international travel, particularly if you want to spend less than one thousand euros (or its equivalent) and make the majority of your purchases during the weekdays.

It is helpful if you wish to reduce the outrageous charges that are associated with core banking services at traditional banks! 

Revolut is considered to be the most comprehensive online bank in Germany due to the many different variables that have contributed to this impression.


Tomorrow is a fintech firm that is associated with the German bank Solarisbank. It places an emphasis on long-term viability rather than individual profit and seeks to provide a positive influence.

Customers have the opportunity to choose from three different forms of current accounts that are good for the environment.

Starlord - Best Digital Banks in Germany
A German flag on top of a building.

A plastic Visa debit card is included in the first two alternatives, while a hardwood Visa debit card is included in the premium tier of the available choices.

Due to the fact that it provides cost-effectiveness as well as investments that support sustainability, Tomorrow’s basic ‘Now’ account is the best option for customers who place a high priority on sustainability.

The three paid account models offered by Tomorrow, which have monthly fees ranging from three to fifteen euros, each provide investments that are sustainable.

This is accomplished by the exploitation of transaction fees and user deposits, which are partially allocated towards efforts such as afforestation, sustainable energy generation, or the purification of drinking water in poor places across the globe. Consequently, this endeavor is successful.

Advantages of Using Tomorrow

Funds from customers are used to support environmentally responsible initiatives. A trustworthy checking account that is appropriate for day-to-day transactions is provided by Tomorrow.

Cashless transactions involving foreign currencies are offered at rates that are competitive by the company.

There are extra advantages that can be obtained through Tomorrow, such as community pockets and Tomorrow Funds, which are worthy of investigation.

At some point in the future, a stylish debit card that features an original design will be available.

Disadvantages of Using Tomorrow

There are also some disadvantages associated with Tomorrow. In the beginning, the fees for account administration are three euros per month.

The cost of withdrawing cash could be quite high. Tomorrow is missing a number of critical capabilities, including cash deposits, international transfers, and others.

Final Review

When a person has a basic account with Tomorrow, the CO2 emissions that they are responsible for are compensated for.

In addition, the premium ‘Zero’ account comes with a unique perk in the form of a wooden debit card, which creates a visual distinction between it and other cards.

Tomorrow offers a wide variety of practical advantages, in addition to the fact that it places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Currency conversion at the mid-market exchange rate is provided for both types of accounts by the platform, which also makes it possible to make global contactless payments without incurring any payment fees.

When using the free account to make international cash withdrawals, there is a cost that is equal to 1.5% of the amount that is withdrawn.

The capacity of Tomorrow to give an outstanding user experience while also keeping a sustainable approach is something that would truly piques your curiosity.

Not only that, but Tomorrow distinguishes out from the competition since it provides competitive costs for both domestic and foreign services.

On account of this, you will not need to make any concessions in order to acquire a sustainable current account that provides exceptional functionality and minimum transaction fees.

Exploring the future of banking in Germany reveals a landscape shaped by technological advancements and innovation.

Final Thoughts

In Germany, private banking clients are increasingly exploring diverse investment funds offered by digital banks, reflecting a growing trend towards innovative financial solutions in the digital era.

When it comes to properly managing your funds, the most effective technique is to embrace current technology.

At this point in time, the majority of financial institutions have simplified the process of managing your accounts by providing mobile banking apps and online banking platforms.

This has made it possible for you to handle your financial concerns from nearly any location, which is a significant convenience.

For the purpose of giving priority to your own interests, it is essential to choose a financial institution that offers account alternatives that are in accordance with your own financial routines, and that can be quickly accessed through online platforms with a minimum of effort.

In the end, there is a reduced tendency for errors to occur when the process of managing your finances is facilitated by your financial institution.

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