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How to Apply for SRRV Visa in the Philippines?

This post will discuss the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa, which is commonly called SRRV Visa or SRRVisa.

The SRRV Visa is a type of retirement visa that allows foreign nationals to retire in the Philippines.

Davao, Cebu City, Manila, Makati, and some other places are known to be the best to retire in Philippines.

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People choosing to retire in Philippines can get access to a scenery filled with rainforests, beaches, etc.

One of the common reasons to retire in Philippines is that the cost of living is significantly lower compared to countries like the US.

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa

The Philippine Retirement Visa, known as the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV), offers a multitude of benefits to the participants. Some of the main benefits of an SRRV Visa include:

  • Stay as long as you like

Travel freely in and out of the Philippines with no visa renewals.

  • Save money

Skip annual immigration reports, customs duties on personal belongings (up to $7,000), and travel taxes (if you stay less than a year). Pension income and annuities are also tax-exempt!

  • Study and work

Pursue further education without an additional visa or even work remotely with an Alien Employment Permit.

  • Stay informed and connected

Receive the Philippine Retirement Authority Newsletter and enjoy discounts from partner merchants.

  • Streamlined government interactions

Get free assistance navigating other government agencies.

  • Access Healthcare

Utilize PHILHEALTH benefits and privileges.

Is SRRV a Permanent Resident Visa?

Yes, with the help of a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa, you can reside in the country for an indefinite period without securing extensions of your stay from the Bureau of Immigration.

In addition to that, the SRRV visa also grants free entry and exit privileges.

Make sure that you abide by the SRRV Visa Philippines requirements to stay eligible for these privileges.

SRRV Visa Types

SRRV Visa Types


Maintain a US$20,000 deposit and enjoy flexible residency.


Invest your deposit in a condo (US$50,000 minimum) or lease a house and lot. Receive a pension of at least US$800 (single) or US$1,000 (couple).


Ailing retirees (50+) with a monthly pension of US$1,500, health insurance, and a US$10,000 deposit find support in this program.


Former Filipinos and retired officers of recognized international organizations (50+) enjoy residency with a US$1,500 deposit.


Retired military officers (50+) from countries with military ties to the Philippines qualify with a US$1,500 deposit and a US$1,000 pension.

Note: Spouses and dependent children (under 21 and unmarried) may join most programs.

SRRV Visa Philippines Requirements

SRRV Visa Philippines Requirements

Here’s what you need to prepare for your Special Resident Retiree’s Visa application:

  • Valid passport with a temporary visitor’s visa (if required)
  • Completed PRA application form
  • Recent medical clearance
  • Police clearances from your home country and NBI clearance (if you stayed in the Philippines for over 30 days)
  • Eight passport-sized photos
  • Inwardly remitted SRRV deposit
  • Application fee (US$1,400 for you, US$300 per dependent)
  • Annual fee (US$360 for you and 2 dependents)

For Dependents

  • Marriage certificate (spouse)
  • Birth certificate (child)

With Pension (50+)

Enjoy residency with a US$10,000 deposit and a monthly pension of US$800 (single) or US$1,000 (couple).

Without Pension

35-49 years old: Deposit US$50,000.

50+ years old: Deposit US$20,000.

Former Filipinos (35+): Deposit US$1,500 (regardless of dependents).

Diplomats/International Staff (50+): Deposit US$1,500.


Spouse and 1 unmarried child under 21 join for free.

2 unmarried children under 21 join without a spouse (for non-Filipinos).

Additional children under 21 require a US$15,000 deposit each.

(Except former Filipinos)

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