How much does the average decamillionaire spend on a car …….the answer might shock you

On today’s podcast, we discuss:

  1. What is the average spend on a luxury car for decamillionaires – those worth $10M and above
  2. What is their favourite cars?

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Trenchant observations as always, Adam! I’ve been reading your remarks on Quora for nearly a year and think you have some of the best financial advice on the Web. More young people (make that any people, but especially the young) need a wake-up call about celebrity tastes in cars, clothes, houses, etc., not reflecting the lives of most actual millionaires. The late Thomas Stanley’s books “The Millionaire Next Door” and his more recent “Stop Acting Rich…and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire” ought to be required reading for all high-schoolers…and their parents! You reinforce many of his primary insights about living below one’s means and seeing wealth as a path to freedom rather than an opportunity for empty, crass materialistic display. Please keep up the outstanding work. –Tom Dineen, Baltimore

Thanks for your message Tom and very true about Stanley’s book.

Good thaught

How I would be rich in 40


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