How to get expat health insurance for coronavirus

In the last few days, several expat clients of mine, have asked me about “specific health insurance for the COVID-19 virus”, even though they know that health insurance is merely a side service of mine, and not my main offering.

Then yesterday, I was reading a rather disturbing message on Facebook, which was posted onto a major expat group in South East Asia.

It claimed that only one company in Thailand, yes only one company, was offering “health insurance compatible with coronavirus”.

He was also claiming to not be working for the company, and was a customer, which seemed sincere looking at his message.

That made the message, and the misinformation, more disturbing, as he wasn’t trying to profit from the advice.

There are a number of things to remember here. Most important is:

  • Almost every health insurance company in the expat market, cover serious illnesses, unless you have pre-existing conditions or have traveled to an infected area, against medical advice. In other words, if you go to Wuhan on a flight tomorrow, that might be an exclusion for the current virus, in much the same way as a journalist covering aids or HIV in an infected area, might not be covered as they have traveled against medical advice
  • So even though most insurance companies don’t state that they cover x and y virus, if you get the virus, you should be covered if you have an existing expat policy.
  • You will not usually be covered, if you only have a very basic local standard insurance, or if you just got a very mild strain of the virus.
  • Your chances of dying is very low. To give you some statistics, on the worse day of the virus, 100 people died from the virus. On the same day, about 25,000 people died from cancer worldwide and 125 from snake bites and another 100+ from……humans killing other humans! The statistics below are quite shocking:

So to answer the question directly, you can get expat health insurance that will cover the virus, by buying a policy from nearly any insurance in the market!

You probably don’t need to upgrade your existing insurance, unless you are a local or expat with very basic local level coverage.

If you are looking for health insurance or have questions more generally on this matter, you can contact me on or on the chat function below.

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