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10 Best Real Estate Developers in China

10 Best Real Estate Developers in China.

We aren’t affiliated with any of the companies here, and in fact, don’t advise that the average investor invests into property developments, when lower risk options exist.

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Finding the best real estate developers in China is essential when investing in the Chinese property market.

China has evolved into a global economic powerhouse since the 1980s and Chinese real estate developers undeniably contributed to such rapid development.

Investors from all around the world have been drawn to China’s development boom. As a result, there are several properties available for sale in China for foreign investors looking to purchase real estate.

However, as China’s real estate market grew, low-quality developers proliferated, which led to structural issues and delays in building in the sector.

Struggles and rewards of buying a property in China

It would be tough to recommend acquiring a property in China because the process of purchasing one is quite bureaucratic and is not very lucrative. A leasehold ownership structure is also in place in the country, turning all real estate into depreciating assets. Additionally, you have to work and reside in China for a full year before you can make any acquisitions.

In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, for instance, foreign buyers of real estate are subject to extremely burdensome regulations.

In fact, the government has even prohibited foreigners from renting their residences. You might be better off checking better assets with lower opportunity costs in close-by countries like Cambodia or Vietnam.

If you intend to reside there, though, purchasing real estate in China can be a wise investment. You can avoid the hassle of looking for an apartment and fighting with landlords by purchasing a condo. Additionally, if you invest wisely in a developing region, you could be able to make money.

You should be very cautious when choosing a developer because of the hazards associated with investing in Chinese real estate. You should purchase from a business that has a solid track record of completed tasks and few incidents.

The following companies beat these standards to be the best real estate developers in China:

best real estate developers country garden
Country Garden Holdings’ building

1. Country Garden

Country Garden has grown to be one of China’s best real estate developers since its foundation in 1992. This Fortune 500 company has businesses in the construction and hotel industries as well as property management and development.

They construct condominiums and housing developments in China and abroad, including in Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Numerous residential, commercial, industrial, and hotel developments have been developed by Country Garden in China and abroad. China alone account for more than 2 million residential property sales of the company, which is most known for high-end townships like Country Garden Phoenix City.

Due to the company’s vast portfolio, purchasers have a wide range of options for both the type and cost of home.

At Country Garden Emerald Bay, apartments can be purchased for as little as $1,300 per square meter. Condos at Shunde Future City, on the other hand, go for more than $3,500 per square meter.

2. Poly Real Estate Group

Poly Real Estate Group is a unit of state-owned Chinese company Poly Group. The business has created, built, and sold dozens of properties in mainland China since its founding in 1992. They also conduct business internationally in Australia, the UK, and the US under the Poly Global brand.

The most prominent feature of Poly Real Estate is its extensive involvement in the design of its properties. The company’s ideology places a strong emphasis on harmony, nature, and comfort in its developments. It has also worked with well-known design companies like ONE-CU and UAP.

Properties such as Poly Moonlight Bay and the Poly Peninsula 1 demonstrate Poly Real Estate Group’s commitment to modern aesthetics.

The majority of the residential properties in the company’s portfolio include high-rise apartments, villas, and multi-use buildings. Luxury condos or villas are present in the bulk of its developments. However, there are also a few mid-range and cheaper alternatives available to purchasers, which make the firm one of the best real estate developers in China.

3. Evergrande

One of the biggest developers in China right now is Evergrande. Since 1997, the company has finished about 900 domestic commercial, residential, and infrastructure projects. Additionally, it is currently included in the Fortune 500.

The company’s contribution to the construction of Guangzhou’s Flower City Stadium is what makes it most well-known. Construction on the stadium began in 2020, and when completed, it will be the biggest football stadium in the world.

Ocean Flower Island, a constructed island containing amusement centers, shopping centers, and museums, is also the work of Evergrande.

Evergrande has created several homes and townships in China in addition to these massive projects. Prospective buyers can explore its properties through online postings, video chats, and even virtual reality.

The majority of the company’s housing developments are high-end condos and villas, although it also provides mid-range and low-cost alternatives.

However, we are yet to see if Evergrande will be able to successfully execute a viable debt restructuring plan amidst being plagued with over $300 billion worth of liabilities. The firm earlier said its initial restructuring scheme will be ready by end-July.

4. Vanke

Vanke is another Fortune 500 Chinese developer. The business, which was founded in 1984, today has operations in Malaysia, China, the UK, and the US. It has also remained very resilient throughout the COVID-19 issue, taking advantage of the chance to buy stock in rival companies like Tahoe.

Vanke’s primary source of income is real estate. It has completed more than 1800 projects in China alone since its foundation. It is a pioneer in the construction of green homes.

The Vanke Foundation, the charitable arm of Vanke, encourages trash minimization and other environmentally friendly programs in local areas.

The majority of the firm’s projects are mid-range constructions. Vanke seeks to provide “excellent housing for ordinary people to live in,” according to its website.

The firm does provide an excellent selection of housing, including detached houses and high-rise condos. Vanke also offers some premium options, such as Vanke Fifth Park, as well as some reasonably priced apartments. It is truly one of the best real estate developers in China.

best real estate developers vanke
Vanke Research Center: Low maintenance eco-campus

5. Sunac China Holdings

In 2003, Sunac China Holdings first appeared and quickly rose to the five best real estate developers in China. This relatively new company is included in the Fortune Future 50, a ranking of businesses with strong growth prospects.

It mainly works on building mixed-use, commercial, and residential complexes in major Chinese cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The “passion for perfection” brand philosophy of Sunac is reflected in its upscale developments. For instance, the beautiful complex known as One Sino Park is carved out of a cliff’s side.

The company has also finished a lot of projects related to cultural tourism, such as an indoor ski resort.

The firm is one of the priciest brands on this list due to its emphasis on luxury. Its average price per square meter is close to $2,300, making it the most expensive of China’s “Big Five” builders. Its average price per square meter is close to $2,300, making it the most expensive of China’s “Big Five” builders.

The majority of Sunac properties are also situated in large cities, which further increases their price.

6. Longfor Properties

One of China’s most rapidly expanding developers is Longfor Properties. It has developed more than 800 real estate projects since its founding in 1993. The business was also among the first in the country to build shopping centers.

Longfor is most recognized for its unique home construction initiatives. In addition to the typical townships and high-rise apartments, they have implemented numerous urbanization and retirement home initiatives. They are also responsible for Guanyu, one of Beijing’s biggest co-living complexes.

Despite frequently leasing its own premises, the corporation has a wide range of alternatives for sale. Along with numerous other developments, Longfor has three main real estate brands: Chianti, Splendor, and Rose & Gingko.

Depending on the type of property and the area, prices per square meter range from little over $1,000 to more than $4,000.

7. Seazen Holdings

Seazen Holdings has been one of the top 20 real estate firms in China for the previous ten years. Over 500 projects have been completed by this Shanghai-based company in 100 different Chinese cities.

While they have created numerous commercial projects, their primary area of expertise is residential real estate.

With the motto “happy home, happy life,” Seazen strives to offer upscale, stylish apartments along with first-rate resident services at all of its properties.

Currently, they offer residential developments that fall into three main design categories: New Chinese Style, Modern Minimalism, and Metropolis.

The majority of Seazen’s properties can be classified as luxury or upper-midrange under three classes. The least expensive option is “Happy Living,” which caters to younger consumers seeking a fashionable setting. “Dream Realizing,” the second, offers more features and quality, while the top tier called “Exclusive Enjoy,” features lavish residences and first-rate amenities.

8. China Resources Land

China Resources Land is one of the businesses on this list of best real estate developers in China with the largest product diversity. The company has subsidiaries in a variety of industries, including technology, banking, healthcare, and real estate development.

Additionally, China Resources developed a broad array of properties comprising high-rise residences, business structures, and industrial complexes. This company is primarily recognized for its large-scale projects that include thousands of units for mixed-use, retail, and residential purposes.

China Resources is the main developer of Guangzhou Scientific City, a sizable science and technology park that includes large offices for high-tech firms along with housing and other supporting infrastructure.

Options from China Resources Land range from budget-friendly to luxurious. High-end complexes with sophisticated designs and lots of amenities include Half View Mountain Manor.

Other developments like Qinghe Oak Bay provide cheaper units without compromising on quality.

9. China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd.

China Overseas Land & Investment (COLI) has built and sold tens of thousands of homes in Hong Kong and Mainland China since 1979.

The business has received numerous honors for its achievements in sustainability, corporate governance, and projects. It has collaborated with the Chinese government on multiple infrastructural projects in addition to real estate development.

COLI is one of the most sustainable and best real estate developers in China. The company aspires to be a “good citizen” who respects the environment as part of its corporate philosophy. COLI has won many awards and green building certifications for its sustainability initiatives.

The company is involved in a wide range of residential projects across China. Apartment complexes of all heights make up the majority of such developments.

Customers can choose from a range of economical, mid-range, and luxurious solutions thanks to the firm’s extensive portfolio, although its most recent advancements have focused on a wealthier audience.

10. R&F Group

Major worldwide developer R&F Group was founded in Guangzhou. In China alone, it has sold more than a million residences since 1994. The company is also present in the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, and Cambodia.

R&F builds residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use real estate. It has consistently been ranked among the 10 best real estate developers in China, and it has also received recognition for its sustainability endeavors.

R&F Group provides realtor and on-site management services for many of its homes, which appeals to first-time purchasers.

With its residences, R&F offers its customers a top-notch experience in terms of service and quality. Large township projects, detached villas, and diverse high-rise buildings make up its Chinese real estate.

The corporation chooses to concentrate on hotels and international ventures rather than taking on numerous new projects in Mainland China.

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