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How To Buy A Property in Vietnam

How To Buy A Property in Vietnam.

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Here’s what you need to know if you’re contemplating to buy a property in Vietnam as an expat.

Vietnam has drawn a lot of international investors and expats to come live and work there since it has one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. For instance, international corporations like Nike, Adidas, and Samsung have shifted their operations from China to Vietnam.

This is because Vietnam’s economy has grown by 2.9 percent, which is better than every other economy in Asia, and because of good governance, political stability, transparency, and ease of doing business. These factors are probably responsible for China’s rising production costs and the trade conflict with the United States.

Trade data, which indicates a stunning 435 percent increase in Vietnam’s overall exports to the US between 2010 and 2020, further supports this rise. Industrial rents in the city of Ho Chi Minh increased by 9.0 percent in 2019 and 10.6 percent in 2020, according to Cushman & Wakefield, indicating that the real estate market has also reacted to the rising demand for manufacturing. 

Due to the huge demand from foreign investors, apartment prices have also increased shockingly by 90 percent between 2017 and 2020.

As a result, “Can foreigners buy a property in Vietnam? ” is one of the most often asked topics by international investors. The straightforward response to it is YES.

A common misunderstanding is that foreigners or foreign organizations cannot own property in Vietnam. That is untrue as any foreigner is permitted to buy a property in Vietnam. Before buying real estate in Vietnam, you must grasp a few things, including the property market, ownership laws, real estate foreign ownership certificates, and taxes.

How To Buy A Property in Vietnam
Apartments in Vietnam

Can Expats Buy a Property in Vietnam

Foreign investors/citizens with sufficient purchasing power can buy as many properties as they desire in Vietnam. This is mostly owing to the Vietnamese Residential Housing Law (LRH).

The following are the key aspects of the Law on Residential Housing (LRH) that govern foreign property ownership:

  • Foreigners with a travel tourist visa are permitted to buy a property in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners can buy an unlimited number of real estate units in the nation. However, foreigners are not permitted to own more than 250 residences in a single ward.
  • Foreigners can own up to 30% of the condo units in a building, but not more than 10% of the properties in a landed project.
  • The leasehold duration is 50 years; however, it is renewable.
  • Foreigners who marry a Vietnamese can get freehold ownership.

Can Expats Buy a Land in Vietnam

Foreigners are not allowed to buy or possess land in the nation, as they are in practically every other Southeast Asian country. According to the country’s constitution, land is the communal property of the Vietnamese people and is controlled by the state.

However, the law enables foreign firms and individuals to lease the land for up to 50 years, but it might range from 70 to 99 years in exceptional circumstances.

Regardless matter whether the laws and regulations are becoming more relaxed and prone to loosening up, it is critical that you remain vigilant. For example, there is nothing to assure that you may normally renew your lease time.

Foreign Ownership of Real Estate in Vietnam

Before you may acquire real estate in Vietnam, you must first get a government property ownership certificate. This document, known colloquially as the Pink Book, expresses your entire ownership of properties or other assets in Vietnam.

Furthermore, under Vietnamese housing legislation, foreigners are only permitted to own up to 30% of the flats in a development. They are not permitted to purchase property in regions designated for national defense and security.

To learn more about the regions designated for national defense and security, contact the construction department in your area.

How To Buy A Property in Vietnam
Skyline in Hanoi

Mortgages in Vietnam for Foreigners

In reality, it is difficult for foreigners to get mortgages in Vietnam. To obtain property loans easily, you should speak with banks like HSBC, OCB, or Standard Chartered. If a foreigner marries a Vietnamese, the foreigner may be eligible for a 15-year loan from OBC for up to 4/5 of the property’s worth.

To obtain a mortgage, these foreign nationals must offer collateral. Before moving further, thoroughly examine the interest rate, amortization requirements, and repayment period to be sure you are getting the best offer.

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