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2019 Review and Reflections: What Have I Learned?

This has been a great year for adamfayed.com, growing by over 200% on all metrics, including users, clients and so on.

However, not everything has been perfect. What have I learned this year about improving? That is the subject of the video below; what 10 things have I learned this year, which will help in 2020?

I hope the points can help you, in 2020. If you want to skip to specific sections of the video, the timings are:

1:05 – The need to be selective in business and socially

4:25 The importance of breaking industry and social norms

4:45- The need of making it easier for people to reach out to me

8:04 – The importance of reinvesting in your own business and procedures after it is well-established.

10:46 – The balance between procedures and speed. Procedures need to increase speed.

11:23 – Younger people without industry experience can outperform

12:42 – Many people don’t learn from their mistakes with investing – they let emotions dictate their actions. If you can overcome this, you can outperform.

14:26 – 2010s have been a game changer in terms of technology and tech.

17:02 – You can only change yourself, not others.

19:15 – More success leads to more love and hate!

I also speak briefly about plans for 2020, including an investment app!

As a bonus for adamfayed.com readers, I will add an 11th reflection, which I didn’t mention on the video.

Ultimately we live in a diverse world, full of people with different values. I was amazed at how many people reached out to me on Christmas Day, including from parts of the world where Christmas is a huge deal.

Many businesses write off Christmas. For me, last December was my best month of 2018, and this December is on course to be my second best month of 2019.

So if you snooze in December, you might lose! Don’t write off the holiday season business wise!

Capital International Group Review evaluates investment strategies, providing a valuable insights to reflections on financial learnings in 2019 Review and Reflections: What Have I Learned?

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