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Anytime Digital Bank Review 2022

Anytime Digital Bank Review 2022 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

Evaluate Anytime Digital Bank’s features and user experience, contrasting it with the Hansard International Universal Personal Portfolio 2023 Review.

Does it offer advantages over the traditional players in the market, or do better alternatives exist?

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Anytime Digital Bank Review 2022 2

Figuring out where to open a bank starts with deciding on the type of institution you want. Do you prefer a bank with regular branches and its own ATMs, or an online-only alternative that gives you pure online or mobile banking?

Traditional and online banks, also known as direct banks, offer you access to your online account, as well as the ability to transfer money or perform other tasks with a few clicks or taps on your phone screen. 

They both obey the same laws and regulations, which means online-only accounts are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), just like accounts at traditional banks. Security is broadly the same: both types use measures like encryption to protect your funds and identity.

There are also digital banks, and you’re probably interested what is digital banking? According to the FFIEC, e-banking is defined as “the automatic delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers through electronic interactive communication channels.”

The growth of digital banking

The advent of the Internet has become synonymous with the rise of digital banking fueled by the advent of ATMs and debit cards in the 1960s. Today, thanks to the Internet and higher mobile penetration, banks have been able to introduce multiple communication channels for their customers.

Digital banking offers convenience to both banks and customers. While customers can save time and hassle with convenient banking transactions that can be done on the go, banks are saving money on physical infrastructure and hiring costs by moving some of their transactions online.

While branch banking continues to be vital, the benefits of digital banking cannot be denied, which is probably why leading bank Santander recently decided to cut its branch network by almost a fifth.

What is the difference between digital and traditional banking?

Traditional banks — or the original banks that offered checking accounts — understand everything. They were the first to provide financial services such as cash deposits, loans, remittances, bill payments and so on. However, banking was tied to location, and a visit to the nearest branch was required for each individual transaction.

With the advent of the Internet, financial institutions have been able to overcome the geographic barrier to some extent by creating an active Internet presence. Today, most banks with physical branches also offer online banking or internet banking, which allows customers to access their online account information, as well as make transfers or set up automatic payments.

Digital Banking takes the transition to the Internet a step further by eliminating the need for physical branches entirely.

Simply put, a customer’s relationship with a digital bank begins and remains online all the time, without having to visit any physical bank branch.

If you are unsure about internet banking, this article may help you. We will firstly discuss the main advantages and disadvantages, and of course review one of the best digital banks called Anytime. 

Benefits of digital banking

Banks around the world are realizing how digital investments can benefit their customer acquisition strategies, and increase customer satisfaction while reducing overall costs for both banks and customers. Below we have made a list with the main benefits of digital banks, which definitely need to be considered:

Simplify the onboarding process

Banks can simplify the onboarding process for customers and employees with a fully mobile process powered by cutting edge technology. For example, when opening a new account, the applicant is asked to provide a large number of documents such as identity card, proof of employment, address, etc.

With the help of modern technology, it is possible to allow your clients to download these documents using their smartphone, and the extracted data can be automatically processed and updated in the bank’s systems, which saves time and frustration for everyone.

AI can also quickly analyze customer data for mortgage seekers, as well as their past financial behavior, to determine the likelihood of default and instantly decide the fate of their application.

Round-the-clock banking service

With digitalization, customers can access their accounts 24/7 and no longer have to stand in long lines for the simplest transactions. Digital banking via mobile applications allows banking services anytime from anywhere, significantly improving the quality of customer service. 

The development of digital banking has also improved customer service in the banking sector with the introduction of real-time customer support channels such as chat and co-browsing, which are very effective in resolving inquiries.

Impact on cost savings

Implementing automation across various processes can reduce costs and streamline operational processes to add value to customers. Digitization also reduces overhead and staff costs, which can be passed on to customers in the form of cost savings. A thing as simple as replacing paper statements with electronic ones can save time, money, and the environment.

Better rates, lower fees

The lack of significant infrastructure and overheads allows direct banks to pay higher interest rates or annual percentage yield (APY) on savings. The most generous of these offers 1-2% more than what you earn in a traditional bank – a gap that can really add up with a high balance. 

While some outright banks with particularly generous APYs only offer savings accounts, most offer other options, including high yield savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and CDs with no early withdrawal penalties.

You are less likely to face a wide range of direct bank fees, including those associated with maintaining an open account with a low balance, making direct deposits, or paying by check or debit card. Direct bank accounts will likely not carry a minimum balance or service fee.

Okay, now when we are already done with the explanation of the digital banking, let’s review such a bank called Anytime, which is enough popular in a few European countries.

Anytime Digital Bank Overview

Anytime is a Neobank based in Belgium and France that offers banking services to individuals, professionals, companies and associations. Their service is designed to replace your current bank account or to be used in conjunction with an ACPR (Bank of France) and FCA (Bank of England) license.

The first Neobanks appeared in the United States long before they were talked about in Europe. The decision to create Anytime was made in 2012, inspired by what was happening in the States, and the team imagined how incredible it would be if all of France could also benefit from Neobank. 

Before starting Anytime, Damien and Thierry created one of the first European companies specializing in mobile micropayments. The company was bought in 2008 by a group listed on the stock market, and part of the proceeds from this sale allowed these entrepreneurs to create Anytime.

In July 2014, the company launched its first products aimed at teenagers. At the end of 2015, the company switched to business accounts. At the end of 2016, Anytime raised 5 million euros with the help of Seventure (Prestashop, SumUp, IDNow, Mailjet, ChronoTruck, etc) and now continues to grow in the business market.

According to their words, their vision and goal was created gradually based on customer feedback. They did not want to replace banks, but they want to improve the user experience and make banking more accessible by simplifying access and tools, as well as offering a range of services to make life easier for our customers. 

The line between professional and personal life is getting thinner, and it is no longer a valid thing that business is on one side and personal life is on the other, if they do not exist together. 

This digital bank’s mission is to make people’s life easier, which means helping them to focus on what matters to them. 

“There should be multiple ways to connect with your bank, whether through the Anytime customer area or through partners that will allow you to find transactions, execute payment orders, obtain a PIN for your card, etc. It’s not your job anymore, to match the bank, and the bank’s job is to match you.” – says Anytime Team


  • Quick and convenient application process
  • Online payments in France and abroad
  • A wide range of account types to suit different business needs
  • Accept cheques.
  • As many MasterCards as necessary, for both personal and business use.
  • Budget management tools.
  • No fees on international transactions.
  • Partnership with SumUp makes it easy for merchants to accept card payments anywhere.


  • Have to pay a minimum of €114 per year to access their service
  • Slow customer service

How does Anytime work?

To start cooperating with Anytime, first of all you have to register and open an account, after you’ll get your card and start your safe journey.

Anytime makes it easy to open a professional account online by providing some basic information. To open an account, users only need a valid form of ID, proof of address in France, their registered company name and their shareholder ID. 

Once all the information has been entered, Anytime will take 24 to 48 hours to approve the information and activate the business account, and your Anytime cards will be mailed.

Anytime suggests different accounts for its different customers:

  • Freelancers – account for freelancers
  • Professionals – account for small businesses
  • Companies – account for medium to large businesses

Moreover Anytime not only helps you manage your finances, but also helps you to create your own company, more details you can find on their official website.


If you are you a self-employed, freelancer, or liberal professional, Anytime will be happy to suggest you 2 in 1 accounts to make your life easier. Which means you’ll get both personal and professional accounts at the same time. 

Anytime gives you a clear view of what you can spend. A professional account for your freelancer / liberal professional status allowing you to be paid and to pay your expenses (contributions, RSI, VAT, taxes…).

Due to your personal account you can isolate your personal expenses and know in real time your available balance.

Since 2014, it is mandatory for an auto entrepreneur to open a dedicated account for its activity. Popular with auto entrepreneurs, Anytime is the ingenious solution to support you every day

You can open your account in 10 minutes. No additional documents : the account is opened online. You must provide your ID or residence permit + proof of address in Europe. 

To get a French IBAN you must have an account open in your name in a European bank. Otherwise you will get a British EURO IBAN

Once your registration, your IBAN will be available in you customer area. Your account will be activated within 24h to 48h depending on the quality of the docs you have provided. 1 week later you will receive your MasterCard.

But before registering, you have three different options of a freelancer account to choose, which is accordingly affects the services you get and the fees you have to pay.


€ 9.50/month or a payment of €114 per year. You’ll get:

  • 2 Mastercard cards plastic or virtual
  • 50 virtual cards business
  • 20 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 1 cheque deposit per month
  • Access to our advisors via chat
  • 1 Professional current account
  • 1 Personal current account


€19.50/month or a payment of €234 per year. You’ll get

  • 3 Mastercard cards plastic or virtual
  • 200 virtual cards business
  • 100 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 4 cheque deposits per month
  • Access to our advisors via a dedicated telephone line
  • 1 Professional current account
  • 1 Personal current account


This one is the most popular and the best one with a lot of services. Here you pay €99/month or make a payment of €1188 per year. You’ll get:

  • 10 Mastercard cards plastic or virtual
  • 500 virtual cards business
  • 500 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 8 cheque deposits per month
  • Access to our advisors via a dedicated telephone line
  • 1 Professional current account
  • 1 Personal current account
  • Accounting software with invoice and quote creation
  • Management table with balance of all your bank accounts


A professional account is made for professionals, associations or startups. Anytime is the only neobank offering a fully developed business account where you can be paid by: bank transfer, cheque or card. 

You know who has paid you and how much is in your account in real time, and you collect all the evidence so you can effectively manage your accounts paper-free. This business account has been designed for teams of 2 to 10 people and a special advisor will assist you to make your life easier.

Opening a professional account is super easy and the procedure is 100% online. All you have to do is provide them:

  • ID or residence card and proof of address in France
  • Your company’s registered business name
  • Shareholders’ ID

Count between 24 to 48h for the activation of your business account, according to the amount of needed documents and a week later, you receive your cards.

Again here you have three different packages to choose, whit different fees and services.


It costs €19.50/month or you can choose a payment of €234 per year. Instead you’ll get:

  • 3 Mastercard cards plastic or virtual
  • 200 virtual cards business
  • 100 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 4 cheque deposits per month
  • Access to our advisors via a dedicated telephone line
  • 1 Professional current account
  • 1 Personal current account


The professional package costs €99/month and €1188 per year, by paying which you’ll get:

  • 10 MasterCard cards plastic or virtual
  • 500 virtual cards business
  • 500 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 8 cheque deposits per month
  • Access to our advisors via a dedicated telephone line
  • 1 Professional current account
  • 1 Personal current account
  • Accounting software with invoice and quote creation
  • Management table with balance of all your bank accounts


And the last package called Enterprise will cost you €249/monthly and €2988/yearly. With this package you’ll have:

  • 20 MasterCard cards plastic or virtual
  • Custom MasterCard cards with your company’s logo
  • 1000 virtual cards business
  • Unlimited outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
  • 10 cheques deposits per month
  • Access to our VIP advisors via a dedicated phone line
  • 1 Enterprise current account
  • Accounting software with invoice and quote creation
  • Management table with balance of all your bank accounts


Anytime gives its customers an opportunity to manage their business costs in a simpler and more effective way. Here are the features of the accounts intended for medium to large companies:

Capped MasterCard

As a founder you assign a card to each employee and define a capped budget. Each payment appears in real time on your business account and you keep control over expenses.

€O exchange fees

EUR, USD or GBP currencies available, moreover you can generate a single-use virtual MasterCard in one click to pay for purchases on the Internet or remotely (train, hotel, plane…)

A virtual card for one time use

This is very convenient for managing subscriptions on the Internet and cancelling them quickly. Users can block a card at any time and only pay for the subscriptions you use.

A Virtual card for recurring use

You can switch off your card whenever you want. This is perfect for managing online subscriptions and renewing them easily.

Paperless evidence

At the end of the month, the accountant imports all transactions with the links containing the supporting documents of the dematerialized expense reports and the reconciled VAT. (CSV feeds, XML)

Accounts export

You have an opportunity to spend in more than 150 currencies at MasterCard exchange rates. Forget about hidden exchange fees, which are usually from 2% to 3%!

As in every account type, here also you have a chance to choose which package is best for you:

Premium – €19.50/month or €234 per year

Professional – €99/month or €1188 per year

Enterprise – €249/month or €2988 per year

About Anytime mobile app

The Anytime mobile app puts business finance at the forefront of user experience, allowing customers to see exactly how much money is in their business account and tools to manage budgets. 

The app has a number of features designed to make the financial activities of the company easier to understand and easier to observe. 

The user chooses between a French IBAN and a Belgian IBAN and has access to as many virtual MasterCards as possible to manage budgets. 

The app allows you to easily set up direct debits for invoices and payments, and easily receive direct debits from customers. The app also supports uploading XML or CSV files to make it easier for employees to pay. 

Anytime is easy to sync with external accounting software and there are automatic functions for calculating VAT and dematerializing receipts. Each element of the app helps streamline and simplify business finance, helping users spend less time managing their finances and more time growing their business.


To conclude we can only say that Anytime offers one of the most sophisticated and well-executed business banking services currently available from neobanks. There is a wide range of features designed to make financial management more accessible. Anytime continues to work with other fintech startups to integrate the most attractive new fintechs into their services.

It includes both working and personal aspects in one MasterCard, which definitely needs paying attention. The only disadvantage is that it works mainly for France and Belgium residents, which is not a big disadvantage but a pity. Hope the company will widen its availability for many countries, as in this digital century the usage of digital banks becomes more and more essential.

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