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Property in Europe: Best Places to Buy a Second Home in 2023

Owning property in Europe remains a sought-after dream for many. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultures, Europe presents a myriad of opportunities for potential homeowners.

Discover the best places in Europe to buy a second home as part of your international property investments strategy. This guide will provide insights into the best places to buy property in Europe, especially for those contemplating a second home.

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Why Europe is a Prime Choice for Second Homes

Europe consistently ranks high for those seeking a second home, and for good reasons. The continent is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and histories.

Acquiring property in Europe means more than just a physical asset; it signifies owning a fragment of its vast and varied legacy. Furthermore, Europe’s advanced infrastructure, top-tier healthcare, and esteemed education systems offer a quality of life that’s hard to match.

Tangible Benefits of Owning Property in Europe

Higher Returns on Investment

Many regions in Europe offer properties that appreciate over time, ensuring homeowners see a good return on their investment.

Asset Protection

Owning property in Europe can serve as a safeguard against economic fluctuations in one’s home country.

Diversification of Assets

Investing in European property allows homeowners to diversify their portfolio, reducing risks associated with putting all assets in one basket.

Potential for Rental Income

Many European destinations are tourist hotspots, allowing property owners to earn through rentals, especially during peak seasons.

Residency Perks

Some European countries offer residency programs for individuals who invest a certain amount in property, making it easier for them to live and work in Europe.

Factors to Consider When Buying Property in Europe

Purchasing property in Europe requires careful consideration of various factors. Understanding local property market trends is essential to ensure you’re making a sound investment.

Potential rental income can also influence your decision, especially if you’re looking at the property as an additional source of revenue. The cultural significance of the area can add value to your property, both in terms of monetary worth and personal enrichment.

Lastly, it’s vital to be aware of the legal and financial aspects associated with buying property in Europe to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

The Cultural Experience

One cannot overlook the cultural enrichment that comes with owning property in Europe. Each region offers a unique blend of traditions, festivals, cuisines, and arts.

Owning property in Europe provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in these experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of European cultures.

The European Lifestyle

Beyond the tangible benefits, owning property in Europe offers a chance to experience the European way of life. From leisurely afternoon siestas in Spain to savoring a croissant in a quaint French café, the European lifestyle is all about savoring the small moments.

This lifestyle, combined with the continent’s safety, cleanliness, and efficient public services, makes owning property in Europe a truly rewarding experience.

Financial Considerations

When considering property in Europe, it’s essential to understand the financial aspects. Europe’s real estate market has shown strength in recent years, making it an attractive destination for investors. However, several financial considerations come into play when buying property in Europe.

Property in Europe
Owning property in Europe can serve as a safeguard against economic fluctuations in one’s home country.

Currency Exchange and Transfer Fees

Currency exchange plays a pivotal role when buying property in Europe. With the euro being the primary currency in many European countries, potential buyers from outside the Eurozone must be mindful of exchange rates.

It’s crucial to factor in transfer fees and ensure you get the best rates for a smooth transaction. The European Central Bank’s monetary policy, which has kept interest rates low, influences the attractiveness of real estate investments in Europe.

As of October 2021, interest rates were maintained at levels such as 0.00%, 0.25%, and -0.50%.

Impact of the European Central Bank’s Policies

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to keep interest rates low has made real estate an attractive investment option. With stocks being volatile and bonds yielding low returns, many investors see property in Europe as a more stable choice.

Property Taxes and Maintenance Costs

Owning property in Europe comes with its set of taxes and maintenance costs. Different countries have varying tax structures, and it’s essential to research local rates.

For instance, inflation in the Eurozone stood at 4.1% as of October 2021. While inflation can protect investments, the current low inflation rates mean that investors should be cautious about expecting high returns solely based on inflation.

Inflation and Its Impact

Low inflation rates can affect the potential returns on property investments. However, if inflation were to rise, real estate investors could benefit as rental contracts are often indexed and reviewed upwards regularly.

Potential Rental Income and ROI

For those considering renting out their property in Europe, understanding potential rental income is crucial. Real estate offers a cash yield, and some investors can expect a net rental income of a few percent, which is a high return compared to other assets.

However, the focus should be on cash flow rather than capital gains, especially in core residential markets that are already expensive.

Real Estate Investments in Core vs. Recovering Markets

In core European markets, returns are expected to be positive but modest. For instance, in established markets like Germany, France, and the UK, investors might expect a cash return of a few percent annually.

On the other hand, recovering markets in southern and central Europe might offer higher returns but come with increased risks.

The Role of Interest Rates

Interest rates play a significant role in determining the attractiveness of property in Europe as an investment. Low interest rates have made financing property purchases more affordable, leading to increased demand.

However, a rise in interest rates can impact the profitability of these investments. It’s advisable for buyers to finance their real estate at fixed rates to mitigate the risks associated with fluctuating interest rates.

Emerging Trends in European Real Estate

A noticeable trend in the European housing market is the shift towards smaller properties. Many buyers, especially the elderly, are now seeking out smaller luxury apartments that require less maintenance.

This trend is driven by both financial and social factors and is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Property in Europe
One cannot overlook the cultural enrichment that comes with owning property in Europe. Each region offers a unique blend of traditions, festivals, cuisines, and arts.

France – The Romantic Getaway

France, known for its rich culture and history, stands as a premier destination for those eyeing property in Europe.

Provence: Lavender Fields and Vineyards

Provence, nestled in the south of France, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and charming villages, making it a magnet for property buyers. The region’s beauty is undeniable, from its iconic lavender fields to its sprawling vineyards.

A recent overview of the real estate market in Provence reveals a strong demand, especially from buyers hailing from Paris, Northern Europe, and North America. This surge in interest has driven property prices upward over the past few years.

Diverse Property Options

Provence offers a broad spectrum of properties, ranging from traditional Provencal houses to modern villas, apartments, and even castles. This diversity caters to buyers with varied budgets and preferences.

High-End Properties in Demand

While Provence is home to many luxury villas, especially in areas like Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Nice, these properties come with a hefty price tag. However, their demand remains high, especially among affluent buyers.

Popular Areas for Buyers

Some of the most sought-after areas in Provence include the Luberon, Les Alpilles, Aix-en-Provence, la Côte d’Azur, and La Camargue. These regions offer a mix of scenic beauty, quaint villages, and proximity to the coast.

The Rental Market

Provence’s popularity as a tourist destination makes it an ideal location for rental properties. Investors can consider properties that cater to vacationers during peak tourist seasons, ensuring a steady stream of income.

The French Riviera: Sun, Sea, and Glamour

The French Riviera, a shining star for property in Europe, promises a life of luxury, sun, and sea. Cities like Nice and Cannes are not only tourist hotspots but also hubs for celebrities, making them prime locations for property investments.

Cost of Buying in the Riviera

The cost of acquiring property in the French Riviera can vary significantly based on location, size, and property condition.

Generally, prices here surpass the national average, with properties in tourist-centric towns like Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, and Saint-Tropez being the priciest. On average, property prices in the South of France hover around €3,000 to €4,000 per square meter.

Average Property Size

Typically, houses in the Riviera span around 120 – 150 square meters. However, many homes in this region are historical and often renovated, leading to variations in size.

Pools: A Desirable Feature

Given the Riviera’s Mediterranean climate, many properties feature swimming pools. While pools can enhance a property’s value and appeal, they also come with maintenance responsibilities. If you’re considering renting out your property, ensuring the pool’s upkeep and safety becomes paramount.

Investing for Income

The French Riviera’s status as a tourist haven makes it an excellent location for rental properties. However, potential landlords should be aware of local regulations and requirements, especially if they’re considering the property as a source of income.

Spain – The Sun-Kissed Coastlines

Spain, with its vibrant cultures and sunny skies, remains a top destination for those seeking property in Europe. The country’s diverse landscapes, from its coastal regions to its bustling cities, make it an attractive option for both relaxation and adventure.

Property in Europe, especially in Spain, offers a unique blend of lifestyle benefits and investment opportunities.

Costa del Sol: Beaches and Golf Courses

Costa del Sol, renowned for its golden beaches and world-class golf courses, continues to be a magnet for those looking to buy property in Europe. The region, stretching along Spain’s southern coastline, offers a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle that many dream of.

Recent reports from the first quarter of 2023 indicate that property prices in areas like Benahavís have risen by 7.5% to €3,981 per square metre. Estepona, another popular location in Costa del Sol, saw property values soar by an impressive 19.3%.

Such trends highlight the region’s growing appeal and the potential for a sound investment. Furthermore, the Costa del Sol property market has witnessed an impressive year-on-year surge of 12.4% the second quarter.

Cities like Marbella, with its blend of luxury and culture, remain at the forefront of this growth, making it a prime spot for those seeking property in Europe.

Barcelona: Urban Vibes and Historic Charm

Barcelona, the Catalan capital, stands out as a city of contrasts. Its rich history, reflected in its Gothic quarters and architectural marvels like the Sagrada Família, blends seamlessly with its modern art scenes and urban vibes.

For those considering property in Europe, Barcelona offers a unique blend of cultural richness and modern conveniences.

Recent data from 2023 suggests a mixed outlook for Barcelona’s property market. While Bankinter forecasts a decline of 3% in residential property prices for the year, other sources highlight the city’s resilience.

For instance, in September 2023, residential properties in Barcelona were priced at an average of €4,024 per square meter, marking a 1.28% increase compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, the first quarter of 2023 recorded 16,278 sales transactions in Barcelona, a slight decrease of 1.6% compared to the same period in 2022. Despite these fluctuations, Barcelona’s property market remains robust, driven by its appeal to both local and international investors.

Its architectural wonders, vibrant street life, and cultural offerings make it a top choice for those looking to buy property in Europe.

Property in Europe
In Spain, with its vibrant cultures and sunny skies, remains a top destination for those seeking property in Europe.

Italy – The Rustic Retreat Italy

Renowned for its captivating history and mouthwatering cuisine, stands out as a prime destination for those seeking property in Europe.

Tuscany: Rolling Hills and Renaissance Art

Tuscany, a region that beautifully captures the essence of Italy, magnetizes many property seekers in Europe. Characterized by its undulating hills, masterpieces of Renaissance art, and premium wines, Tuscany presents itself as a location of choice for discerning buyers.

The property market in Tuscany has shown resilience and strength. In 2021, areas like Lucca, Val d’Orcia, and Florence witnessed a growth in property prices by 6%, 4%, and 3% respectively.

Furthermore, Tuscany secured its position as the third-ranked region in Italy concerning the number of finalized real estate sales in the luxury market, specifically for properties priced above €1 million

Florence: A City of Art and Culture

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, remains a hotspot for property in Europe. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city offers a rich tapestry of art, culture, and history. Its property market mirrors its cultural significance, with steady appreciation and demand from both local and international buyers.

Lucca and Val d’Orcia: Hidden Gems

Both Lucca and Val d’Orcia have seen a surge in property demand. These areas, lesser-known compared to Florence, offer a serene environment, historic architecture, and a genuine Tuscan experience.

Amalfi Coast: Cliffside Villages and Lemon Groves

The Amalfi Coast, a dazzling gem for property in Europe, promises panoramic sea views and a tranquil Mediterranean lifestyle. Towns such as Positano and Ravello stand out with their cliffside villages, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and Italian charm.

While property prices on the Amalfi Coast tend to be on the higher side, the investment is justified by the unparalleled views and the prestige associated with owning property in one of Europe’s most scenic coastlines.

Positano: The Vertical Town

Positano, often referred to as the ‘Vertical Town,’ offers properties that cascade down steep cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Owning property in this part of Europe ensures a picturesque setting, complemented by vibrant bougainvillea, quaint cafes, and the sound of the waves.

Ravello: The Terrace of the Amalfi Coast

Ravello, perched high above the Amalfi Coast, is known for its historic villas, gardens, and panoramic terraces. Property seekers in Europe often consider Ravello for its tranquil ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle, yet offering some of the best vistas of the coastline.

Property in Europe
In Italy, renowned for its captivating history and mouthwatering cuisine, stands out as a prime destination for those seeking property in Europe.

Portugal – The Atlantic Paradise

Portugal, renowned for its Atlantic coastlines and rich maritime history, stands out as a prime destination for those eager to invest in property in Europe.

Its diverse regions, from the sun-drenched beaches of Algarve to the bustling streets of Lisbon, offer a myriad of opportunities for potential homeowners.

Algarve: Golden Beaches and Historic Towns

Algarve, often considered the crown jewel of Portugal, is a top destination for property in Europe. This region, known for its golden beaches and historic towns, promises a harmonious blend of relaxation and culture.

Many properties here offer breathtaking sea views, making it an ideal location for those seeking a coastal retreat. Recent reports indicate that property prices in Algarve have risen by 17.6% to €2,009 (US$2,178) per sq. m.

Furthermore, the average cost of a house in Algarve is approximately €634,800, or €3,174 per square meter, marking a 13.8% annual change. These figures underscore the region’s growing appeal and the potential for a sound investment in European property.

Lisbon: Coastal Capital with a Modern Twist

Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital, seamlessly blends the charm of the old with the conveniences of the new. For those eyeing urban property in Europe, Lisbon emerges as a compelling choice.

Its coastal location, combined with its modern amenities and rich history, makes it a magnet for investors and tourists alike.

Property prices in Lisbon’s historic center, especially for new or fully renovated properties, range from 7,000€ to 7,500€ per square meter.

Moreover, the average cost to buy a house in the Lisbon area is €701,400, which is 1.8% more than the previous year. Such statistics highlight Lisbon’s robust property market and the city’s continued allure for those seeking to invest in property in Europe.

Current Market Trends in Portugal

The property market in Portugal has witnessed significant growth in recent years. In 2022, house prices in Portugal skyrocketed by 17.2% at the beginning of the year.

This surge in prices is not just limited to specific regions but is evident across the country. Such trends indicate a robust demand for property in Europe, particularly in Portugal, and suggest a promising future for investors.

Property in Europe
In Portugal, renowned for its Atlantic coastlines and rich maritime history, stands out as a prime destination for those eager to invest in property in Europe.

Factors Driving the Demand

Several factors contribute to the rising demand for property in Portugal. The country’s stable economy, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, attracts both domestic and foreign investors.

Additionally, Portugal’s Golden Visa program, which offers residency to non-EU investors, further boosts the appeal of property in Europe, especially in regions like Algarve and Lisbon.

Future Outlook

While the current trends show a rise in property prices, experts believe that the market will remain strong.

The continuous influx of tourists, combined with the country’s strategic location and favorable climate, ensures that the demand for property in Europe, especially in Portugal, will remain high in the foreseeable future.

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