Special property offer for adamfayed.com readers

Some of my clients have asked me in the past for property in various countries, including the UK, UAE and Germany.

In addition to that, I am always happy to help my clients out.

In this context, I am pleased to announce that adamfayed.com readers will have access to a Dubai property opportunity at knockdown prices.

The details are

  • No agent fee because I am not a property agent, nor will I be compensated for this. This will save 2% in fees.
  • Asking price of 720,000AED ($196,000/142,000GBP), with opportunities to get mortgages in the UAE even as a non-resident living overseas. This is a huge reduction in the price compared to the original purchasing price.
  • Pictures are below:

Serious buyers should contact me by email (advice@adamfayed.com), or via the WhatsApp function below, to speak directly to the owner.

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