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12 Best Stocks For Climate Change To Invest In

12 Best Stocks For Climate Change To Invest In.

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What are the best stocks for climate change to invest in?

Every year, investors trade more than $250 trillion worth of stocks, bonds, and other long-term investments on international capital markets.

An increasing number of these investors are curious about how climate change is related to the assets they buy and sell.

Some investors have financial concerns about climate change because they think it puts certain investments at risk and want to own assets that will do well in a world where there is climate change.

Other investors should consider the climate for ethical reasons. They want to support climate solutions by funding businesses whose goods or methods help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

In contrast, they hope to encourage these companies to consider their impact on the climate more by not investing in those that are the biggest contributors to climate change.

What Are Climate Change Stocks?

Environmentally conscious businesses are represented by climate change stocks. They encourage the use of clean energy while lowering reliance on greenhouse gases.

You may have noticed different types of climate change around the world, such as droughts in some regions and rising sea levels in others. Consequently, there has been an international movement to raise awareness about the state of global warming and the amount of carbon emission by both governments and institutions.

As a result, various markets have emerged to address the issue of the climate crisis. There are businesses dedicated to combating climate change by developing green technology, including solar, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and the like. Despite the fact that they may sound similar, they have entirely different economies.

14 Best Stocks For Climate Change To Invest In
Climate change stocks. Image from Blue and Green Tomorrow.

Renewable Energy Stocks vs Companies With Green Initiatives

Here is how green businesses and stocks related to renewable energy differ:

Renewable Energy Stocks

In comparison to the frequently used natural gases that endanger our climate, renewable energy refers to more climate-safe power sources.

It is more sustainable to use these energy solutions because they can be derived from renewable resources like the sun, wind, or water.

Green Initiatives

Use of emissions-free energy sources is a component of green initiatives, which also aim to lessen their carbon footprint.

Green businesses may still engage in production that produces pollution on a small scale, but they have incorporated some eco-consciousness into their business practices.

The benefits of responding to the call for clean energy are enormous for businesses. Governments, for instance, typically support businesses that operate in an environmentally friendly manner with tax breaks, incentives, and higher investments.

Therefore, more businesses have stopped producing fossil fuels like coal and have switched to much less damaging environmental processes as a result of the substantial state subsidies they could receive. Investors and traders now have a chance to gain exposure to stocks related to climate change.

The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Stocks For Climate Change

Are stocks related to climate change a wise investment or a dangerous bet? Is a reliable guarantee of a return on investment available? Is the profit worth the investment?

The Pros Of Investing In Stocks For Climate Change

Let’s quickly review the benefits of buying sustainable stocks.

1. Climate Change Stocks Are Sustainable

With the exception of the one-time manufacturing and installation of systems, there are no ongoing raw material costs with natural energy. There are no supply issues because it is naturally renewable.

People, governments, and the global economy are becoming more and more drawn to sustainable energy as a result.

2. Climate Change Stocks Are Pollution-Free

Both fossil fuels (coal and oil) and sustainable energy don’t produce greenhouse gases, so they don’t degrade the environment as quickly.

There is no doubt that environmental pollution of the air, land, and sea has resulted from coal mining and oil drilling. Renewable alternatives are in stark contrast to this.

3. Climate Change Causes Minimal Environmental Effects

Oil is a carbon-intensive alternative energy source, both during production and during use. On the other hand, energy sources that combat climate change can be harvested and stored safely and at a low cost.

It is impossible to compare the effects of using fossil fuels with the effects of manufacturing green energy, supply, and storage components.

4. Climate Change Stocks Offers Long-Term Savings

Undoubtedly, equipment for sustainable energy is expensive. The cost of buying and installing clean energy systems will ultimately be outweighed by the sum of money spent on monthly energy bills over time.

Moreover, even though the prices are decreasing daily, demand is unquestionably increasing. So, the cost of goods continues to rise.

5. Climate Change Stock Investments Are Ethical

It allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the advancement of the principles you uphold.

14 Best Stocks For Climate Change To Invest In
Renewable Energy. Image from The Motley Fool.

The Cons Of Investing In Stocks For Climate Change

The green economy does, however, have some distinct disadvantages, just like any other investment. We’ll examine a few now.

1. Green Economy Is Tied With Energy Supply Interruption

On a calm day, windmills come to a complete stop. On cloudy days, solar battery controllers blink and stop working.

If the storage batteries are unable to provide power for extended periods of time, a power outage will undoubtedly leave homes and businesses in the dark.

2. Green Economy Produces Hazardous Waste

The majority of governments still lack comprehensive disposal policies for natural energy equipment.

Even vendors and manufacturers do not provide instructions on how to get rid of an old battery or solar panel.

Most of the time, you are unaware of which parts are disposable and which ones can be recycled. Additionally, metals and plastics are a certain source of pollution as long as they are buried in the earth.

3. Green Economy Will Need More Space

No one is currently inconvenienced by your rooftop solar panel.

But consider the countless enormous solar panels spread across the landscape or the sizable offshore wind farms built to produce electricity for hundreds or even thousands of homes, businesses, and factories.

They frequently occupy sizable parcels of land that could have been put to better use.

12 Best Stocks For Climate Change To Invest In

1. NextEra Energy

The world’s best at harnessing the power of the sun and wind is NextEra Energy. In terms of battery storage, it is a world leader. Also, the largest producer of wind and solar energy worldwide is NextEra Energy.

It is one of the best stocks for climate change. Florida is the location of its power plants. But it also manages other parts of the power resource system. In addition to selling to end users, NextEra trades under PPAs.

The company’s track record for shareholder value is undoubtedly impressive as a result of its consistent growth over the years. By increasing its annual dividend rate for more than 25 years running, NextEra was awarded the Aristocrat Distinction.

The company forecasts an even brighter future based on its consistent investment in climate change, which is undoubtedly what investors seek. Due to the company’s consistent growth, its stock is at the top of the list of the world’s best green stocks.

One of the largest electric utilities in the country, it runs clean energy production facilities, natural gas pipelines, and transmission lines, as well as a sizable competitive energy business.

The business has reaped significant benefits over the years from focusing on renewable energy. Over the past ten years, NextEra’s earnings per share have grown at a 9% compound annual rate, which is three times faster than its competitors.

Because of this, total returns have outperformed the market and have above-average dividend growth.

The world's best at harnessing the power of the sun and wind is NextEra Energy. In terms of battery storage, it is a world leader.
NextEra Energy. Image from Wikipedia.

2. Tesla

Tesla’s goal is to hasten the world’s switch to renewable energy. It almost entirely is responsible for the uptake of electric vehicles. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

The manufacturer, which makes both luxurious and more affordable cars, is a leader in the industry. Mid-sized SUVs, trucks, and zero-emission semis are also being developed.

The sustainable energy ecosystem at Tesla includes more than just EVs. In order to increase the use of renewable energy, the company also produces a variety of solar energy and storage products.

It aims to increase consumer access to and affordability of climate technology products, promoting the adoption of clean energy and transportation. To cut costs, it has done this in part by moving EV battery production in-house.

Tesla shipped almost 1 million electric vehicles in 2021, an increase of almost 90% from the previous year.

In addition to expanding its factories in California and China, the company is also rapidly scaling up production by establishing new manufacturing facilities in Texas and Germany.

Its audacious goal, which it hopes will accelerate the transition to more environmentally friendly transportation, is to produce 20 million EVs annually within the next ten years.

3. Enphase Energy  

Power generation, control, storage, and communication functions are all integrated by Enphase, an energy technology company. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

This is controlled by its microinverter, which is semiconductor-based and converts energy without the need for a separate inverter. Due to this seamlessness, the customer has access to sophisticated monitoring and control.

The all-in-one Enphase Energy System with IQ8TM solar microinverters was introduced for its North American market at the end of October 2021, which is interesting. Through the use of only sunlight, IQ8 can build a microgrid during an electric blackout.

4. Brookfield Renewable Partners

In terms of green energy, Brookfield Renewable is a global leader. It is one of the major producers of hydroelectric power, which has shown to be an excellent alternative to fossil fuels. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

In addition to hydropower, Brookfield has wind farms, giving its name additional credibility for wind power and energy storage. The company generates a steady income by selling a larger portion of its power through long-term PPAs and the remaining quantity to end users.

It has established a solid track record since its founding as evidenced by the growth of its yearly returns. Additionally, the foundation of its steadily expanding portfolio has been its acquisitions and forward-thinking projects.

Future advantageous factors like rising energy prices and infrastructure modernization are likely to enable yearly cash flow increases that will be a big plus for investors.

The largest platform for renewable energy in the world is run by Brookfield Renewable. In North and South America, Europe, and Asia, it has facilities for producing hydroelectricity, using wind, solar energy, and storing energy.

To users like electric utilities and sizable corporate power buyers, it primarily sells the power it generates under long-term contracts.

Additionally, the company is a pioneer in the development of renewable energy resources. The renewable energy development projects it had underway as of 2022 totaled 36 gigawatts (GW), which would have been sufficient to power 7 million homes for a year.

For a company that also had a 21-GW operating portfolio when the year began, that is a sizable pipeline. By removing 6 million gas-powered vehicles from the road, those operating assets currently offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Due to its extensive global footprint, Brookfield has become a go-to partner for businesses and governments aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. The above-average earnings growth is being fueled by this.

5. First Solar

Located in the US, First Solar produces solar panels that are both functional and cost-effective. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

By creating panels with less carbon and silicon content, it has raised the stakes in the war against global warming. Its photovoltaic (PV) panels, which are incredibly thin but powerful, are a true example of what solar technology will look like in the future.

First Solar has significantly improved its position among its rivals in the market for energy stocks that address climate change. The surge in interest in its cadmium telluride technology has also improved its prospects.

The business has created some of the biggest PV power plants in the entire world. Additionally, its extensive experience gives the investors a better chance of a profitable future.

The company’s future appears to be even greener as solar power replaces many other energy sources as a preferred option.

6. ChargePoint Holdings

The largest global network of EV charging stations is run by ChargePoint Holdings. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

Across North America and Europe, its network has 163,000 charging stations. Compared to its closest rival, it holds a 70% market share for fast-charging devices.

To companies that own the charging stations or sites, ChargePoint sells EV charging hardware. On a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, it additionally sells the software required to run this hardware.

It bundles this with a services program that includes a thorough parts and labor warranty so that its business model continues to generate recurring revenue long after ChargePoint has finished installing the hardware.

ChargePoint anticipates significant growth even though it is already a leader in EV charging. By 2025 and 2030, respectively, EV sales are expected to increase from 2.6% in 2019 to 9.9% and 29.2% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. and Europe, respectively.

This should encourage sizable investment to keep constructing the infrastructure needed to charge all the new EVs. ChargePoint still has a long way to go in terms of growth, with this total investment projected to reach $60 billion by 2030 and $192 billion by 2040.

7. SolarEdge Technologies Inc.

SolarEdge, which was established in 2006, is the undisputed market leader in solar inverters for addressing climate change. It produces solar system conductors and sells them. It is one of the best stocks for climate change. 

Its products include SolarEdge Inverter, StorEdge Solutions, SolarEdge Power Optimizer, and SolarEdge Monitoring Software. The company’s stock value has increased over the years thanks to these products, and it is expected to do so going forward.

The company’s revenue potential is still a sure thing because more US homes are using SolarEdge inverters every day. Additionally, the company’s introduction of “SolarEdge Home” in North America will strengthen its position in the market.

With that knowledge in the rearview mirror, there should be no question that SolarEdge Technologies has one of the best climate change stocks in the world. It is without a doubt the best option for investing in climate change stocks due to its upward stock trajectory.

8. Stem

For the purpose of maximizing renewable energy, Stem operates innovative battery storage systems. To seamlessly switch between grid power, on-site generation, and battery storage, it uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

It assists in lowering energy costs, balancing the grid, reducing carbon emissions, and improving the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources.

Since the the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, there is a huge market opportunity for battery storage.

Battery storage is necessary for applications involving renewable energy. In order to keep up with the rapid growth of renewable energy, forecasters predict that battery storage capacity will increase 35 times by 2030. Over the next 30 years, integrated storage will have a $1.2 trillion revenue opportunity.

9. Sunrun

Sunrun, one of the best stocks for climate change, is an authority on residential solar. In the US, it develops, produces, installs, markets, and provides maintenance for domestic solar energy equipment. The business is also a well-known manufacturer of battery storage systems.

According to a press release from Sunrun, the company’s clientele is growing every day. Its net annual turnover also increases. You can invest in Sunrun as a profitable alternative to other climate change stocks.

The decision by Sunrun to work with SPAN is an interesting one that ensures both parties’ growth. Simply put, SPAN is the company that created the solar panel that is small enough to be used at home. They were also early adopters of the electric car revolution.

The largest direct home solar system installer in the US, according to Sunrun, In July 2020, it formally completed the acquisition of Vivint Energy, the second-largest solar installer, boosting its market share even further.

10. Clearway Energy

One of the largest producers of green energy in the US, Clearway Energy provides investors with some of the top stocks for the fight against climate change.

Along with operating highly profitable natural gas plants and local power assets, it also has a portfolio of wind and solar assets. Similar to Brookfield, Clearway trades energy through PPAs to ensure a steady income stream.

Since its founding, it has significantly increased both its market reputation and market share, which makes it a fantastic option for profitable climate change stocks.

It’s important to remember that Clearway’s annual revenue more than doubled after ceding control to the private equity firm Global Infrastructure Partners. That partnership also offered a lot of investment opportunities.

The company forecasts steady growth for its dividend, income, and portfolio. It plans to increase its annual dividend in the future while maintaining a strong financial position.

11. Canadian Solar, Inc.

The company Canadian Solar, Inc., one of the best stocks for climate change, is renowned for creating and marketing solar panels. And it manages sizable solar projects all over the world.

One of the most prosperous global green energy companies, the company has numerous subsidiaries on almost every continent.

The sale of this publicly traded company’s Japanese plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture netted it about $64 million. The business also stated that it would profit from rent and plant maintenance fees because it had acquired ownership of the land.

Canadian Solar is undoubtedly a great option if you’re looking for the top stocks for climate change.

12. Ballard Power Systems Inc.

Ballard Power Systems, Inc., one of the best stocks for climate change, is yet another business whose goods strive to achieve net-zero emissions for a better environment.

It creates and produces PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell products for a range of industries, including heavy-duty transportation, material handling, engineering, and mobile power.

Ballard is one of the businesses with significant growth potential, despite the recent underperformance of its stocks.

best stocks for climate change
Ballard Power System, Inc. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Why Do People Invest In Climate Change Stocks?

Several factors influence why people purchase climate change stocks, including:

1. Governments Support Climate Change Stocks

Tax credits, incentives, and infrastructure are examples of government support for these kinds of stocks.

For instance, U.S. President Joe Biden pledged $555 billion for clean energy, with some of that money designated for incentives to businesses that have programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This official support encourages institutions to seek out cleaner energy options, which creates investment opportunities.

2. Many Are Investing In Climate Change Stocks

In the previous ten years, more money has been invested in solar, wind, battery storage, and hydrogen energy solutions.

Between 2020 and 2026, there will be an expected increase in renewable electricity capacity of more than 60%. Exposure to renewable energy stocks appears set to become the next big investment theme.

The amount will be equal to the current total global power capacity produced from fossil fuels and nuclear energy combined.

3. Governments Recognize The Need To Shift To Clean Energy Economies

Governments and institutions as a whole recognize how critical it is to transition to clean energy economies in order to realize a green future.

The adoption of green energy cannot happen overnight due to the heavy reliance on natural gas, so investing in climate change stocks has a long-term perspective.

You can invest in company stocks now, while the price is still relatively low, and watch your money grow over time.

4. Commitment To The Survival Of Humanity

According to the IPCC’s prediction, the world’s temperature will rise by at least two degrees Celsius by the year 2100.

In light of this conclusion, investing in climate change stocks not only offers chances for financial gain but also represents a commitment to the survival of the human race.

Final Thoughts

Brutal cautions regarding the catastrophic effects of climate change are concerning. They have, however, motivated governments and other organizations to become more serious about taking actions to mitigate its effects by cutting carbon emissions as soon as possible.

The fight for a more sustainable world is being led by a number of businesses. The sector’s ongoing investment should be advantageous for these climate change stocks. In the long run, that ought to contribute to improving the world while generating profit for shareholders.

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