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Red Cross Jobs Abroad: Do You Have Great Options?

Red Cross Jobs Abroad: Do You Have Great Options?

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You might want to try looking into Red Cross jobs abroad, see if anything fits your passion or need whether landing a job in the humanitarian field has always been your goal or a recently discovered desire.

Red Cross jobs abroad might enable you to soon find that there are many others like you who do not only dreamily wish to “change the world,” but those who want to make actual changes – however small – because you all share the same rage against cruelty, injustice, and needless suffering.

About the Red Cross

Founded in Switzerland in1863, the Red Cross is part of the larger humanitarian network International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, present in more than 100 countries around the world.  The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Federation), and 192 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are part of this network, which works to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people by assisting individuals affected by natural disasters, providing relief to individuals displaced by violence abroad, supporting resilience initiatives, and encouraging the organizational growth of partner National Societies.

There are many opportunities to choose from due to Red Cross’ presence in many countries, such as Britain, which offers quite comprehensive details in terms of career opportunity requirements, duration, and benefits; and Sweden, which provides details of assignments and work duration for its international staff.

Red Cross Jobs Abroad imperial war museum
Human Laundry, Belsen: 1945 by Doris Zinkeisen © Imperial War Museum

Red Cross Jobs Abroad: British Red Cross

The organization works with skilled humanitarians with a variety of professional backgrounds, such as: cash-based interventions, logistics, water and sanitation, food security and livelihood, monitoring and evaluation, and community engagement and accountability.

To qualify, you need to have a technical knowledge pertinent to the position, experience working in cross-cultural and international environments, good communication and diplomatic abilities, as well as the ability to adapt to harsh and resource-limited conditions.

Two Emergency Response Units (ERU) from the British Red Cross are also available for deployment during emergencies as a component of the larger IFRC emergency response. These positions entail being on call and prepared to deploy anywhere a crisis occurs for a month.

The organization has ERUs in logistics, water, and sanitation. You’ll follow a full training track, which is part-time and can last for a maximum of six months. After you complete the course and pass, you will be required to be on call for at least one month each year. The recruitment period usually occurs every year.

Benefits for Overseas Staff

British Red Cross provides a variety of perks for employees who work abroad, such as:

  • accommodation and daily living allowances while on deployment
  • travel allowance to and from the deployment location
  • visas and work permit arrangements
  • professional health support and counseling services access
  • coverage for travel, medical and life insurance
  • a pension which is usable at any point in the contract
  • 36 days of leave allowances, inclusive of public holidays
  • professional development opportunities, training, and secondments.

British Red Cross Jobs Abroad: United Kingdom

The organization hires staff in the UK to work on a range of tasks, which include regional programs and partnerships, emergency surge and response, cash-based assistance, technical advice (health, WASH, disaster risk reduction and food security, and livelihoods), international humanitarian law, humanitarian policy and advocacy, logistics, as well as HR and finance.

Benefits for Staff in the UK

British Red Cross also offers certain benefits for employees in the UK, which include flexible time to work, 36 days of leave credits per year plus the chance to acquire five extra days of leave credits, training and development opportunities, helpline for well-being support and advice, pension program, employee discounts, as well as maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and careers leave. 

Red Cross Jobs Abroad: Swedish Red Cross

Around 100 persons are employed annually by the Swedish Red Cross to operate abroad on its own bilateral projects and to support the initiatives of its movement partners. All of the organization’s international staff are known as delegates.

Delegate Types

Field Staff Delegates

These delegates are usually assigned on bilateral projects, working on as Country Representatives, Program Managers, and specialists inside thematic areas.

The delegates are situated at a field office outside of Sweden but are a member of the Swedish Red Cross International Department structure. They have a direct reporting line to the Swedish Red Cross headquarters in Stockholm as a Field Staff Delegate. Assignments for Field Staff Delegates normally last one year and can potentially be extended. Shorter assignments may also be given to Field Staff Delegates who serve in a specialist capacity.

Seconded Delegates

Seconded Delegates, also known as Staff on Loan, assist the Swedish Red Cross’ movement partners. The seconded delegates range from generalists who are just beginning their careers in humanitarian work to technical professionals with prior experience in the humanitarian sector and work in the fields of health, water and sanitation, and protection. Despite being hired and paid for by the Swedish Red Cross, seconded delegates report directly to the receiving organization. Assignments for Seconded Delegates normally last up to two years.

Red Cross Jobs abroad for women
Women in service during World War I ©redcross.org.uk

Rapid Response Delegates

Rapid Response Delegates from the Swedish Red Cross assist in the Red Cross Red Crescent movement by backing quick emergency responses. Emergency operations often last between five weeks and three months. Rapid Response Delegates are sent to all areas of the movement, and they usually work with health, water, sanitation, and infrastructure, as well as emergency operations management. They may also be assigned to one of Swedish Red Cross’ Emergency Response Units.

You must be a member of the Swedish Red Cross Delegate pool to be deployed as a Rapid Response Delegate, and you must be ready to depart for a mission quickly—typically a few days after receiving a mission request, but occasionally, within 48 hours.

All Swedish Red Cross Delegates are subject to a recruitment process, which is either for a specific position or for the Delegate pool.

Getting into one of the Red Cross jobs abroad could be easier if you have enough experience to back your application. After all, they hire people not only because they’re passionate enough to work for them but also because they have some vital and appropriate skills to show off.

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