Updated webinar times and investment minimum increase reminders

As a reminder I will be having a webinar tomorrow. The topics discussed will be:

  • The stock markets in Q1 2021, and the outlook for Q2 2021, given some of the trends we see.
  • UK property as an asset class
  • How to get UK mortgages as a British expat or non-resident

It will be at 11am UK time, which translated to 14:00 Dubai time, 18:00 in Hong Kong and 12:00 noon in South Africa.

The fact that the UK is one of the few countries to change the clocks since we first announced the webinar has moved the non-UK times by one hour!

To register for the free zoom webinar, click here.

I will also be updating my website today or tomorrow, which will include an increase in my minimums.

The reasons for this change were previously explained in detail here.

If you want to get in before this change comes into force, you can email me – advice@adamfayed.com or use the WhatsApp function below.

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