Webinar on April 29

After the success of the last webinar, I am pleased to announce a new webinar on the 29th:

The last webinar discussed the stock markets, investments and some of the political and economic trends that will affect expats.

40-60 people attended, albeit at different times. This time we expect 60-100, even though spaces will be limited.

The next webinar will discuss:

  1. Is now still a good time to invest after stock markets have bounced from March lows?
  2. Investment trends and companies to watch
  3. Are bonds still a viable investment?
  4. With ecommerce firms like Amazon and Netflix hitting new record highs, are they still safe heavens?

Just like last time, we are looking for an interactive event. So if you have any questions you want answered at the event, please email me – advice@adamfayed.com.

The basic format will be:

  • 5-10 minute presentation. There will be two presenters including me.
  • 30-40 minutes interactive Q&A where you can type your questions to me during the webinar.

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