What will be the fastest growing industries in the next 5-10 years?

What could be the fastest growing industries in the next five or ten years?

Technology? Sustainable energy? Finance? The video below speculates:

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  • Argentina’s new wealth and expat tax
  • The Dow Jones at 30,000
  • Is it really true that the Japanese stock market, the Nikkei, has performed incredibly badly over time?
  • Is TransferWise a good option for you and your business?
  • What would I do if I was 17 again?
  • Should UK expats invest privately or through National Insurance?
  • What side hustles exist for teenagers and young adults?
  • Why should all people do a job they hate once in their life?

Further Reading

In the article below I focused on:

  1. Is the stock market in a bubble? Is it normal for the gold:dow ratio to be at these levels? 
  2. How rare is rags to riches stories? Is riches to rags more common?
  3. Is the UK likely to see out of control inflation due to Covid, QE and 0% interest rates? What about other developed countries?

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