10 Amazing Stock Market and Investing Facts

We have all been shocked at some facts and figures in our time…..you and I both., Investing is no different. Did you know that:

  1. There would be over 120,000 billionaires today if all the millionaires had invested in the markets in 1900? There are only around 600 billionaires in the US right now.
  2. According to many surveys, over 60% of parents prefer to speak to their advisors about money than their kids?
  3. The words “bull” and “bear” for bull market and bear market, is thought to come from how real life animals attack each other
  4. The great British economists John Meynard Keynes, was a failed investor, in his spare time. HIs portfolio lost over 25% in one year.
  5. An estimated 14% of the world’s millionaires are teachers…..who said you needed a big salary to get wealthy.

Want to see the last 5? Take the quiz below:

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