4 things millonaires ​don’t invest in

What are the 4 things millionaires are less likely to invest in?

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I think I need to restructure my investment portfolio after checking out your ideas

Thanks for your message Felix. Yeah that would be a good idea

Yes the get rich slower attitude is really fond of them. I can learn from that. Thanks Adam!

That’s a great idea Mr. Adam.
I would like to have a professional advice from you if you wouldn’t mind.

Love it!

Thank you very much for this audio
It’s a great sharing .
However what are the best investment suits the age 30 bracket???

90%-100% in stock ETFs and 10% in government bonds. Hold long-term.

How to start own business?

The easiest way is to get a job, get good at it over 5-10 years, and then start a business.

I appreciate this audio
Mr Adam .
What are the professional advices can you give to someone who has a feeling of investing and
He/She is yet to join the business industry??
Thank you

Hi Karim. Thanks, how do you mean by the business industry? Do you mean you haven’t got a job yet?

I would just start small. If you get into the habit of investing even small sums, that habit shouldn’t change once you are earning well.

I normally like your investment advise, but saying Bitcoin is a get rich scheme is false. Most Bitcoin millionaires started investing in it a decade or several years ago.

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