6 ways to increase revenue and sales

In my previous blogs I mentioned how spending habits and not income, are what counts most towards your wealth.

However, if you already have good spending habits and don’t plan to spend the extra surplus from extra income, what are some effective ways to make more money for businesses and individuals?

Often simplicity beats complexity in this regard.  The following list of 6 may help:

    1. Negotiate
    It can take minutes, even seconds sometimes, but most people are afraid to ask for a pay rise or ask for more in general.  A $5000 per year pay rise, can indirectly lead to more than $1M over your lifetime, if the pay rise is invested correctly.
    2.  Read more sales books
    There are thousands of sales books out there, but only a few could be considered world class:

-How to Win Friends and Influence People

    A class from Carnegie that looks at some of the key commonalities of persuasion in business and life.

– Influence the art of persuasion

Ciadini speaks about the 6 most important aspects of persuasion.

For those that don’t like reading, I would suggest trying the free trail for Audible (audio books) and listening to them on your way to work or at home.  Usually you can listen to 2 books for free.

3.  Ask for referrals

In the same way that company employees are often afraid to ask, it is amazing how many businesses are afraid to ask existing customers for referrals or more business.


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