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I was asked by a subscriber recently to list my most viewed YouTube videos after I did the same thing for Quora.

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  1. Why you should subscribe to my channel

My most viewed video speaks about why you should subscribe to my channel, and what the channel focuses on.

2. May Webinar

During the worst of the lockdown period, my webinars were very popular. This video announced the May 2020 webinar.

We will be having another webinar this month so watch this space!

3. Getting money out of China

Getting money out of China can be tricky and complicated. This video speaks about one of my most popular website articles, which is listed below the video.

4. Confused by money? Investing during uncertain times

Made in early April, after an incredible March where markets crashed at a quicker rate than has ever been seen, this video spoke about the need to take advice.

I consistently made the argument in March, April and May that markets were undervalued and this was a once in a generation opportunity.

Markets have since rebounded by more than 70% in some cases.

This again shows that the expression “the four most dangerous words in investing is this time is different” has never been shown to be more true than 2020.

5. How can you make passive income?

This video introduced my free passive guide via investing guide.

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