August Webinar

We will be having a webinar tomorrow, August 27, at 18:00 Hong Kong time.

Together with a special guest, we will discuss:

  1. After Apple’s rise to a $2trillion valuation, are FAANG stocks primed to rise from here?
  2. Could the US Election and Brexit affect markets?
  3. What should we look out for in markets in the coming weeks and months?
  4. What threats and opportunities exist for investors?
  5. Will a coronavirus vaccine really affect markets positively?
  6. Will the ending of various European job schemes affect the markets or at least economies of those countries?
  7. US vs world markets. The US Stock Markets have had a long period of over performance in the last 10-12 years. Will it continue?

If you want to join, please use the WhatsApp function or email me –

As there will be a question and question session later in the webinar, please also email any questions you want us to cover.

Below is a link to our last webinar, which we put on YouTube.

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