Do you want to become financially free?

Some people love their jobs and some people hate their jobs.  We all agree on one thing.  Everybody would answer yes to the following question “would you want to have the freedom to retire or semi-retire as soon as possible if your health becomes poor or you started to hate your job or business".

Getting there is easier said than done.  There are a lot of financial lies out there.  Lies about property outperformance and consumption habits of the wealthy.  98% of industries try to persuade us that consumption will equal more happiness.  Some aren’t subtle about it.  L’oreal and their slogan certainly isn’t subtle. Others are more indirect.  All can do damage to people’s finances.

I used to be pretty bad with money myself.  Some of my close family members can’t retire, when they want to, due to making some basic mistakes throughout their lives.

Is it possible to be financial free now, and have the money to travel the world and live the lifestyle you want?  For some people, probably at least 10% of people, the answer is probably yes.  They just need to rejig their financial situation to produce more income.

For many others, they can become free in 5-15 years (and certainly quicker than they expect to), if they follow four simple principles:

1).  Saving and investing more.  No speculation or trying to time markets.

2).  Having a diversified global portfolio, with good asset allocation

3).  Keeping costs down

4).  Once accumulation phase has occurred, not withdrawing more than 4% of your account value.

The four steps above sound simple.  But whilst some people can do the above alone, the academic evidence suggests DIY investors underperform.  Human nature is the killer. Greed, fear and egoism reduce returns.  Some guidance is needed.

If you want to speak about setting up a structured that will make you more financially free contact me at my email address –  I help set up structures for individuals living around the world, that helps people achieve financial freedom.

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