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Expat financial advisors in Ivory Coast part 2 – Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor

Expat financial advisor in Ivory Coast part 2 – Part one is here.

Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor in Ivory Coast

Expat financial advisor in Ivory Coast
Expat financial advisors in Ivory Coast part 2 - Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor 4

Financial advice is not for wealthy people; it can be useful to anyone with any budget. It can help you protect and grow your assets and can help you get the most out of your investment and ensure a long-term future for you and your family.

To help plan your expenses and save

To secure your long-term future, you need to create assets – first to survive rainy days, and then to pay for holidays and luxury goods. The first step is to plan your expenses so that you start saving, and the second step is to plan those savings so that you can multiply your wealth as efficiently as possible. Regardless of the amount, a financial advisor will analyze your situation and find the best starting point for you.

To help you plan your retirement

Once your short-term savings needs are met, you can start thinking long-term. Most people these days understand that they cannot rely on the state more than on absolute foundations. Planning for retirement is not an easy task, and there are many different options. A financial advisor will not only help you understand the many rules and product options but will also help you build a portfolio that maximizes your long-term prospects.

To help you achieve your investment goals

As you progress through life and your assets and income start to rise, you may start thinking about ways to improve your situation, not just strengthen it. This can mean anything from early retirement to private school tuition fees. Whatever your goal, a financial advisor can help you assess what is feasible and plan with you to help you achieve it.

Find the right combination of assets

Investing is not only about protecting against potential disadvantages, but also about striving for maximum growth. High returns are often associated with high risk, and not everyone likes the idea that their investment could drop by a third or more overnight! Before making a recommendation, a financial advisor will carefully assess your attitude to risk. They also ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, helping you diversify not only across asset classes, but across accounts, individual funds, and product providers.

Local financial advisors

Usually, local financial advisors can be from banks or individuals. Let’s see what banking consultants can do for you.

The bank’s financial advisors help their clients determine how best to manage their money through short-term and long-term investment planning.

Most of them have bachelor’s degrees in areas such as finance, accounting or business and have completed related courses such as risk management, taxes, and real estate planning. Certain positions, such as positions requiring the sale of stocks and bonds, require licensing, and professional certifications are useful for moving up the career ladder.

Bank financial advisors can work as consultants for the bank through which they work, or for individual and corporate clients of the bank. Either way, a financial advisor works closely with their clients to determine how best to manage their money and assets.

Self-financing planning is fine, but seeking professional help takes your monetary strategy to the next level. A financial advisor to a bank is a person who has ideally acquired years of study, education and experience in everything related to finance. They can significantly affect the quality of your financial choices, other than trying to sell banking products and instruments.

The bank’s financial advisor should collect personal and financial information about you and use this information to help you plan for your current and future needs. Your financial planner should take the time to understand your goals and formulate a long-term monetary plan for you before making any recommendations.

Anyone who starts talking about a financial product before asking about your situation or financial goals is most likely a salesperson or investment advisor. Often a financial advisor can also be a financial planning and investment advisor, but not vice versa.

Expat financial advisor in Ivory Coast
Expat financial advisors in Ivory Coast part 2 - Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor 5

Online financial advisors

This is by far the best option. The concept of having a financial advisor on the Internet is a relatively new concept.

This is a model that has successfully proven itself in all developed countries. Generations X and Y are used to interacting with people on the Internet. Whether you share selfies with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram, or via Skype video calls, we are open to daily online communication with those who matter to us.

So here’s the question: if your friends and family are online, why isn’t your financial advisor? Here are some of the benefits of an online financial advisor who tells you the benefits of a financial advisor who uses technology and wants to reach you.

Lowest prices on the market

One of the biggest benefits of having an online financial advisor is cost. Financial advisors and other service professionals typically own and rent trendy offices in upmarket locations.

The luxury offices you see can certainly make a good first impression, but they are also very expensive and come at a price. With an online financial advisor, your office is your own couch and laptop. They don’t need to rent fancy offices – they want a beautiful website with useful information that can be cheaper than the services of a bank or local financial advisors!

If you are currently working with another financial planner, we highly recommend that you review and compare the commissions you pay with ours.

We can provide you with quality advice from the comfort of your own home and we are quite confident that we can do it cheaper.

A real person in front of you

When people hear about online financial advisors, they immediately imagine robots. It doesn’t sound good anyway, because no one wants to trust a robot with their funds.

There are also articles showing the disadvantages of having a “Robo Advisor”. An advisor robot will not be able to help you when the markets are crashing or when you need to demand your Plan B.

With us you can be sure that you are working with a real person who has real families and real qualifications in the field of financial planning.

It is important to note that you are working with people who have work experience and understand that working with money is a very emotional thing that requires a human factor.

Expat financial advisor in Ivory Coast
Expat financial advisors in Ivory Coast part 2 - Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor 6


Today we all value comfort and time because time is money. You can talk to a financial advisor online from the comfort of your home! You don’t have to get in your car and try to find parking.

No need to board crowded public transport. We can meet you wherever you have time, in a taxi, in the kitchen while eating, in the office, on the beach in the Maldives or if you need advice. If you have a gadget that can be connected to wi-fi, we can advise you.

In case you came to Ivory Coast as an emigrant and want to move on, and you have several plans related to finances that need to be implemented, the help of a professional financial advisor will never bother you, on the contrary, he will give you valuable advice on how to manage with your own funds, how to invest and how to send money with minimal costs.

A financial advisor can help you with the following strategies:

  • Pay off your home loan faster
  • Save money and increase your assets
  • Boost Your Super Balance With Effective Tax Strategies
  • Protect your income
  • Create an investment portfolio
  • Give your kids a head start and help them secure their future

When it comes to your finances, planning is key. Once you have set goals, a financial advisor will help you chart a practical path to achieving them. Financial planning also encourages you to defend your progress along the way.

How to choose a financial advisor?

Learn about various financial advisors

What is a financial advisor? This job description includes more responsibilities than you think, so make sure you know a little more about what you are looking for.

Some financial advisors are like coaches. They can help you make basic financial decisions and teach you the right spending, saving, and borrowing habits.

Other financial advisors provide high-level investment management for the wealthiest individuals and businesses.

Determine Why You Need Financial Advice

Finding the right financial advisor becomes easier when you decide why you need one.

Are you at the very beginning of your career and want to know how much and how to save for your financial goals?

Are you paying for your child’s schooling or are you dealing with finances during a divorce? Most likely, there is an advisor for your specific situation.

Meet potential financial advisors or brokers

Once you’ve identified a few potential consultants in your area or city that suit your needs, start calling and making appointments.

The advisor makes money in a variety of ways – for example, commissions on product sales, an annual percentage of an investor’s assets, or an hourly rate – so don’t be afraid to ask for details.

If the consultant does not want to discuss these details, do not be afraid to go to someone else.

The most important thing is that you understand what is going on in your financial life and feel free to ask questions until you figure out the details.

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