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20 Best International Schools In Japan

20 Best International Schools In Japan

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Here are the best international schools in Japan.

It can be an exciting and terrifying experience to move to Japan with family! The adjustment to a new life in Japan can be extremely difficult and unsettling.

Before relocating to a completely new and different country, there are a great deal of new factors and changes that must be taken into account. One of the most important considerations for a family moving is the education of the kids.

Japan is home to many different international schools. The primary native language at the majority of international schools in Japan is English. As part of the student’s regular curriculum, Japanese classes are also held during the week.

Most of the top international schools are located in this thriving metropolis because Tokyo is known for having a sizable international resident population in Japan. Making the decision to send your kids to an international school is not as difficult as one might think.

There are a lot of best international schools in Japan that are International Baccalaureate (IB) accredited, with a focus that goes beyond merely education and on enhancing students’ learner profiles. Before we delve into more details about international schools in Japan, this is important to note.

Here are some of the 20 best international schools in Japan.

20 Best International Schools in Japan

1. American School in Japan (ASIJ)

Website: https://www.asij.ac.jp/

American School in Japan (ASIJ) is first on the list of best international schools in Japan. ASIJ has been a prominently mentioned international school in Tokyo as a foreigner working in the Japanese educational scene.

This international school was established in 1902 and has a long history of success in the Japanese educational system.

There are two campuses: a pre-school in Roppongi and an elementary and high school in the Chofu area. Ages three to five are considered pre-school. The Early Learning Center is another name for the Roppongi campus.

The 570-seat theater is one of the best features of the Chofu campus. The Chofu campus also has a Creative Arts Design Center with fabrication and robotics labs that are fully functional. 

This international school also has a 25-meter indoor pool (which can be a rare gem in Tokyo). This campus is situated just outside of Tokyo’s downtown.

Students at ASIJ graduate with an American high school diploma because the school uses an American curriculum. Graduating classes continue on to college and university admissions not just in America but also around the world!

The student body at ASIJ is extremely diverse, with a sizable portion having dual citizenship or American ancestry. Additionally, the elementary school curriculum includes daily Japanese classes at the school.

20 Best International Schools In Japan
The American School in Japan. Image from Wikipedia.

2. The British School in Tokyo

Website: https://www.bst.ac.jp/

The British School in Tokyo is the following overseas institution on this list of best international schools in Japan. The British School in Tokyo, like ASIJ, has a long history of academic excellence. Tokyo residents are familiar with its name.

The British School in Tokyo was established in 1989 and has two campuses: Setagaya for students in Year 4 through 13 (between the ages of 8 and 18) and Shibuya for students in Nursery through Year 3 (3 to 7 years old).

The curriculum at this institution is British. Following the ICGSE A level Diploma, graduates enroll in colleges and universities all over the world. Going with this international school here in Tokyo will feel familiar to those who are familiar with the British school curriculum.

More than 1000 students, representing more than 60 different nationalities, make up the student body.

3. Yokohama International School (YIS)

Website: https://www.yis.ac.jp/

A well-known international school in Japan is Yokohama International School (YIS), which is situated in the city.

One of the oldest pioneers in the Japanese international school scene is YIS, which was founded in 1924.

The Yokohama-based school is CIS-accredited and provides the IB program, offering classes for more than 700 students from 54 different nationalities, ranging from kindergarten through year 12.

Additionally, the school provides a secure and beautiful campus setting in a lovely Yokohama neighborhood.

By teaching students other languages besides Japanese and English, such as Chinese, German, and French, YIS boasts about having a strong sense of community.

4. Tokyo International School (TIS)

Website: https://tokyois.com/

Tokyo International School (TIS) is also no stranger to the international school scene in Japan. It is one of the best international schools in Japan. TIS was established in 1994 as a preschool institution before transitioning to the IB setting.

One of the many IB schools that offers IB curriculum from early childhood education (PYP-Primary Years) all the way through high school years(MYP-Middle Years) is TIS, which recently relocated its campus to Minato (central Tokyo). The Council of International Schools (CIS) has accredited TIS.

The use of cutting-edge technology in the classroom is one of TIS’ highlights. The use of iPads or Macbooks is an enhancement to the superior educational service offered to students in their daily learning endeavors.

After graduating, students leave Tokyo for the rest of the world. 63 different nationalities are represented at TIS, with the majority being Americans and Japanese.

5. Aoba-Japan International School

Website: https://www.japaninternationalschool.com/

The Aoba-Japan International School is the next school on this list of best international schools in Japan. With a 40-year history in the education sector, it was founded in 1976.

There are two campuses of Aoba-Japan International School in Tokyo. The Meguro campus is home to the young students from the ages of 18 months to 3 years old, as well as the K1 to K3 age groups (4 to 6 year olds) (two different buildings at the Meguro campus). The Hikarigaoka Campus is where students in Grades 1 through 12 (7 to 18 years old) are housed.

Another IB-accredited international school in Japan is Aoba-Japan International School. The majority of the graduates go on to study at universities abroad, particularly in the UK, and this institution is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

There are 49 different nationalities represented among the student population, which is primarily made up of Japanese students.

6. Nishimachi International School

Website: https://www.nishimachi.ac.jp/

Nishimachi International School, which has been around for more than 70 years, is situated in the center of Tokyo. One of the first international schools to set itself apart as a bilingual institution where English is taught daily alongside Japanese classes is Nishimachi International School.

The campus at Nishimachi International has six buildings and three roof-top play areas for the benefit of the students. Moto Azabu is where it has a campus.

In rural Gunma in Japan, Nishimachi International offers students a fully private camp experience. When it’s time to plant rice, students can travel to Gunma, and they can even come back to harvest the rice they planted. It is a fantastic chance for students to discover Japan’s rural areas and way of life outside of Tokyo’s urban sprawl.

At grade nine (age 15), Nishimachi’s curriculum comes to an end, and students continue their education in high school abroad or even in Japan (such as moving to Yokohama International School or ASIJ). There are 470 students enrolled at this school, who represent 35 different nationalities and boast a 100% graduation rate.

7. Seisen International School

Website: https://www.seisen.com/

An introduction to a Tokyo-based, all-girls international school represents a departure from all the other international schools mentioned previously.

One of Japan’s top international schools, Seisen International School was established in 1962. In Setagaya, Tokyo, there is a Catholic all-girls school. There are more than 650 students there, representing more than 55 different nationalities.

From elementary school through high school, Seisen offers 3 IB courses and is an IB accredited institution. Like the majority of Japanese international schools, Seisen provides its students with the necessary amenities like science labs, media centers, and music rooms.

Typically, 50% of graduates attend universities in North America, with the majority continuing their education in the UK or Europe.

8. International School of Sacred Heart

Website: https://www.issh.ac.jp/

International School of Sacred Heart is another Catholic all-girls school that ranks among the best international schools in Japan.

International School of the Sacred Heart, founded in 1908, has a coed Kindergarten class, unlike Seisen International School. The school is an all-girls institution from Year 1 (7 years old) to Year 12 (18 years old).

Over 500 students from 45 different countries attend this school, which is situated in Shibuya in the center of Tokyo. There are numerous clubs available for students to join at the school.

In stark contrast to Tokyo, which is entirely surrounded by high-rise buildings, the campus has two libraries, a large campus, and three art studios. The school regularly hosts events outside of the classroom so that students can get a broad range of experiences outside of the curriculum.

20 Best International Schools In Japan
International School of Sacred Heart. Image from the school website.

9. Montessori School of Tokyo

Website: https://www.montessorijapan.com/

The only school in Tokyo that still offers the Montessori curriculum is Montessori School of Tokyo. The Montessori education program is only available up to Grade 9 (15 years old), similar to Nishimachi International School.

Classes at the school are very well lit and promote a lot of hands-on learning because the curriculum is based on the Montessori method.

The school, which was started in 2003, has increased in size and student enrollment. With regard to young students in particular, the curriculum on offer here genuinely promotes independence and creative space.

For young children starting in Kindy, it is an excellent place to start.

10. St. Mary’s International School

Website: https://www.smis.ac.jp/

At St. Mary’s International School, sports are strongly encouraged, and many students go on to achieve great sporting successes (even qualifying for the Olympics!).

The student body represents more than 50 different nationalities. The curriculum is available to students from kindergarten through year 12, after which they can pursue an undergraduate degree anywhere in the world.

St. Mary’s International School is an all-boys school that focuses on the needs of boys after being an all-girls international school.

One of Tokyo’s most prestigious all-boys schools, St. Mary’s International School was established in 1954.

On its nine-acre campus in Setagaya, this university provides students with facilities of the highest caliber. A much more environmentally friendly renovation of this campus with solar-powered facilities took place in 2010.

11. New International School of Japan

Website: http://www.newis.ed.jp/

Tokyo’s Toshima ward is home to the New International School of Japan, a global institution.

The school was established in 2001 and uses a Scottish curriculum. Although Mandarin Chinese is also an option, the school’s curriculum is taught in both English and Japanese.

Additionally, there is a multi-age system with a three-year age range for the children in each class.

The MSA and CIS both accredit the school. Furthermore, it has ties to the Progressive Education Network and the Coalition of Essential Schools in the United States.

12. Horizon Japan International School

Website: https://horizon.ac.jp/

In the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, there is a global school called Horizon Japan International School. It is one of the best international schools in Japan.

This school offers preschool through high school. It also offers the PYP, MYP, and DP programs as an IB Continuum School.

Based on the International Baccalaureate, the school offers an American Curriculum. And English is used as the primary language of instruction.

13. Kohana International School

Website: https://www.kohanainternationalschool.com/

An international school can be found in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, called Kohana International School.

All classes at this school are taught in English, and it offers a British curriculum. Preschool through high school are all included.

Academics, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Club Activities, Free Play, and Intra-class Competition are the seven subsets of the school curriculum at Kohana International School.

14. Saint Maur International School

Website: https://www.stmaur.ac.jp/

Another international school in the historical district of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, is Saint Maur International School.

This institution, which opened its doors in 1872, serves students from age two and a half through grade twelve.

Although the school has a French section, the majority of classes are taught in English.

15. Nagoya International School

Website: https://www.nis.ac.jp/

Nagoya International School (NIS), as you might guess from its name, is an international school that is situated in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.

It has been providing its services since 1964, and the IB programs serve as the framework for its curriculum.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) both accredited NIS.

16. Osaka International School

Website: https://www.senri.ed.jp/

Osaka’s Minoh city is home to the Osaka International School (OIS), one of the best international schools in Japan.

This school and its sister institution, Senri International School, were both founded in 1991. (SIS). From kindergarten through grade 12, they make an effort to give students the best educational concepts, methodologies, and methods from both Japanese and non-Japanese cultures.

OIS was the first institution in Japan to be granted permission to offer all three AB programs.

20 Best International Schools In Japan
Osaka International School. Image from the school website.

17. Kyoto International University Academy

Website: https://www.kiua.kyotoiu.ac.jp/?lang=en

An international school called Kyoto International University Academy is situated in Kyotanabe, Kyoto.

A family-oriented environment, free inquiry, self-expression, and wholesome interactions are all part of this school’s international curriculum, which offers instruction based on Christian virtues and commitment.

For kids aged 6 to 18, English and Japanese are the only two languages spoken.

18. Fukuoka International School

Website: https://www.fis.ed.jp/

Located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka International School (FIS) is a global institution.

This institution offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and education spanning Prekindergarten through Grade 12. Both the IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Primary Years Programme are fully authorized at this institution.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has given FIS its seal of approval.

19. Hokkaido International School 

Website: https://www.his.ac.jp/

In the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, there is a school known as Hokkaido International School.

Around 200 students, from Preschool through Grade 12, attend this relatively small school.

An international primary curriculum, an international middle years curriculum, and a four-year high school program are all included in this school’s US-based curriculum.

Environmental science, outdoor education, environmental understanding, and leadership development are the specific areas where HIS places a special emphasis in high school.

20. Tohoku International School

Website: http://www.tisweb.net/

An international school called Tohoku International School is situated in the city of Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture.  It is one of the best international schools in Japan.

In the Tohoku region, it is the only accredited international school that provides instruction from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Students here can hope to attend universities in North America, Australia,  Europe, New Zealand, and Japan because it is an accredited international school.

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