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Wills in Dubai for Expats

Let’s talk about Wills in Dubai for expats to see the registration process, Will requirements, how to draft a Will, what the options are, and how do Wills work.

For expats living in the United Arab Emirates, drafting a will in Dubai is essential to protecting their assets and distributing their inheritance according to their own preferences.

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Having legal representation, limiting the likelihood of legal conflicts, ensuring efficiency and conformity to current legal standards, are just a few of the important reasons why seeking help is essential while making Wills in Dubai for expats.

Expat Wills Dubai

How do Wills work in Dubai?

Whether you are Muslim or not determines which rules in the UAE apply to your estate upon death. Sharia law controls succession for Muslims. Although non-Muslims are free to draft a will, local UAE courts have the last say on whether to recognize it.

Under Sharia law, a surviving wife with children gets an eighth of her late husband’s estate in the event that there is no Will; a surviving husband with children gets 25% of his deceased wife’s assets. The remainder of the estate is divided up among relatives.

Wills in Dubai for Expats

Furthermore, joint property immediately transfers to the surviving owner under the “right of survivorship,” a notion that is not recognized in the UAE.

A copy of the Will is given to you for safekeeping, and the Registrar keeps the original upon signature.

Registration of Wills in Dubai for Expats

Non-Muslims may set up a Will as long as they follow the regulations set forth by the following:

  • Dubai Law No. 15 of 2017
  • DIFC Wills and Probate Registry Rules
  • Federal Decree Law No. 41 of 2022

Meanwhile, Shariah law automatically controls the distribution of assets for Muslims. However, they can write Wills that adhere to Shariah, which allows them to donate up to a third of their assets to charitable organizations.

Using the DIFC Wills Service Center registry gives expats a special way to safeguard their inheritance planning and distribution of assets in line with common law guidelines.

The DIFC and its courts have the authority to prepare and register an English Will for any non-Muslim individual who has assets in the UAE. Registration of a Will is not contingent on residency in Dubai.

Dubai Will Requirements

The primary requirements are:

  • You are not a Muslim and have never been one.
  • You are at least 21 years old.
  • The Will complies with DIFC requirements.
  • If you wish to include a Guardianship provision in the Will, the children involved must be residing in Dubai.

Although the Will can theoretically include assets anywhere in the world, it is best to consult legal advice regarding the suitability of a Will meant to include assets located outside of the UAE.

Drafting a Will in Dubai

Drafting a Will in Dubai

Even if you can write your own Will, you should understand that it’s a very important and valuable legal document. For this reason, when drafting your Will, we highly advise hiring a licensed legal professional.

Non-Muslim expats in Dubai need to make sure that their wills explicitly specify how assets, like real estate and bank accounts, are distributed in addition to following legal frameworks and registration procedures. It is necessary to name the executors clearly.

Types of Wills in Dubai for Expats

There are various options like business owners, financial assets, full, guardianship, and property Wills.

Expat Wills Dubai Cost

The jurisdiction and intricacy of the will determine the total cost of creating and registering Wills in Dubai for expats.

The long-term benefits of having a carefully drafted and registered Will must be carefully considered, though. By doing this, you can protect yourself and your family from future legal troubles and financial hardships.

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