Financial and Mortgage Calculators

Saving money, and investing the surplus, is one of the keys of financial freedom I mention in my book and in my online courses on financial freedom. 

I have been asked by some readers which are the best companies and websites for mortgage and retirement calculators.

I don’t represent any of the companies below, and as many of you know, I don’t believe property is a better alternatives than markets, but if you are looking for the best rates, the below websites could be useful.

Mortgage and Retirement Calculator USA

US Bank 

Bank Rate 

Mortgage Calculator 


Mortgage and Retirement Calculator UK

Hargreaves Lansdown 

Money Saving Expert

Money Supermarket 

Mortgage and Retirement Calculator Canada 

Canada Retirement Income Calculator 

Rate Hub 

Mortgage and Retirement Calculator Australia  

Your mortgage 

Money Smart 

Expat Mortgages 

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