How to become rich by investing: rational Investing Based on Evidence vs Speculation

Everybody ought to have a comfortable retirement, and most people want more choices and freedom in life.

Many people want to get rich too, or at least be comfortable. The good news is that you can become a millionaire investing just $500-$1,000 a month, and a multi-millionaire investing $1,0000-$2,500 a month.

The bad news is that most people fail at investing.  Even some highly knowledgable investors fail, due to human nature. Like a doctor who can’t stop smoking or overeating, many knowledgable people can’t resist the urge to speculate, get greedy and/or feel fearful when markets are crashing.

I have consistently argued that it is good to have a two-stage process.  First, read some of the evidence in the reading section of my website. If you think you can invest yourself, go ahead.

However, for others out there, I know you simply don’t have the time, to invest your own money, so would prefer an advisor to help set up a low-cost international account.

For those that need help, I can help set up accounts that are:

  • Easy and speedy. Like you, I am frustrated by bureaucracy and time-wasting. Time is money.  I am busy and I am sure you are too. My aim is to save you time and money by doing things online as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
  • Reasonable account minimums: of $75,000 for lump sums. For those without a lump sum, the minimums are  $500 a month ($6,000 a year) for long-term global retirement accounts. From August  15, my monthly minimums will increase to $600 a month.
  • Low cost: 1% yearly fees.  0.75% on accounts above $250,000, and 0.5% on accounts above $500,000.
  • Funds based in UK and US Territory: or other locations that have good investor protections.
  • Globally available: for everybody except people living in Americans (American expats are OK).  Accounts are particularly useful for expats who are moving from country to country
  • In your company name if applicable – accounts can be in your name or your company name.  If you own a company investing through your firm can be tax efficient.

The accounts aren’t for everybody.  They aren’t for people who prefer to speculate and take unneeded risks than to actually invest in a low-cost and long-term way.

Below is a small selection of the 16 client recommendations taken from my LinkedIn :

One of my UK-based clients has spoken on Youtube, whilst an American expat Tom has given an audio review.

You can hear my views on topics such as risk and return in publications such as Business Insider.

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71 Replies to “How to become rich by investing: rational Investing Based on Evidence vs Speculation”

    1. Adam can I get more information on this. I don’t have a lot of money to invest but definitely like to try and learn more about this and try to maximize my efforts to help my retirement.

  1. Hi Adam – I am interested in this kind of account, especially as I am moving from country to country as an expat. But how does it work more specifically? I am interested in getting more information.

    1. Am Ethiopia, is there any way i can possibly have such account, Dear Adams? May monthly salary is 10400 ETB (385 USD). Need more info.

  2. Hi Adam,
    I lived & worked in Japan for 16 years…please send me your book via
    Thanking you in advance & thank you for your honesty & simplicity.

    1. Hi Marti

      Thanks for your message. If you have PayPal or another mechanism then it should be a fairly easy procedure.


  3. Hi Adam,

    This indeed is an intriguing read with a bunch of valuae books.

    Is there a way for me to learn more considering the fact I am based in the Czech Republic?



  4. Hello there.

    I’ve always thought that is impossible to live from passives if you don’t have an initial big amount of money.

    I’ve read around here that starting young (I’m a poor 25 man) it’s worth. Could you help me with that?

    I could save around 150$ per month. How could I make it much bigger?

    I live in Spain, btw.

    Best regards 🙂

  5. Hi Adam,

    I am retired and live in Mexico. I’d like to know more about the investment service you provide.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi…I am 57years old female lives in India. Want to invest for my grandchildren. Please suggest me. I want to invest 4000 rs per month…….Thanks Sir

  7. Hi Adam, I’m very interested to learn more and invest long-term. Please would you tell me how to go about it? Thanks!

  8. Hi Adam, very happy to have read your post, would it be possible to get some extra info?

    Best regards


  9. Hi Adam,
    I’m entering college this year and I want to start investing early, I’d be happy to get your suggestions

    1. Hi Arton – even small savings at such a young age makes a difference, due to compounding. Investing in low-cost funds for your entire life is one of the best things you can do.

  10. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Can Canadians invest in your recommendations? If so send me all the options available.


  11. Please am a student at kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology at Kumasi Ghana (west Africa). Doing BSc business administration (logistics and supply chain management).
    I want to go into real estate business after I complete school. What do I need to do now before I go into real estate business.

  12. Hi there Adam
    I m happy and delighted to come across to your post. I need more info on the investment and I m 27 years old trying to make the best of my life and save more before I reach 30 years old! And if you sell motivational books and how one can save and invest please I need more information.
    Best regards

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