How to become rich by investing: rational Investing Based on Evidence vs Speculation

Update June 9, 2020

If you don’t know what to do with your money and are pained by indecision, let’s talk.

Everybody ought to have a comfortable retirement, and most people want more choices and freedom in life.

Many people want to get rich too, or at least be comfortable. The good news is that you can become a millionaire investing just $500-$1,000 a month, and a multi-millionaire investing $1,000-$2,500 a month.

The bad news is that most people fail at investing.  Even some highly knowledgable investors fail, due to human nature.

Like a doctor who can’t stop smoking or overeating, many knowledgable people can’t resist the urge to speculate, get greedy and/or feel fearful when markets are crashing.

I can help set up accounts that are:

  • Easy and speedy. Like you, I am frustrated by bureaucracy and time-wasting. Time is money.  I am busy and I am sure you are too. My aim is to save you time and money by doing things online as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
  • Give you access to some of the biggest fund houses in the world –  including Vanguard, BlackRock and iShares.

  • Adjusted to your risk tolerance:  the four portfolios below are examples of past portfolios I have constructed, to adjust for clients risk-appetite:


  • Have reasonable account minimums: of $100,000 for lump sums. For those without a lump sum, the minimums are  $750 a month ($9,000 a year) for long-term global retirement accounts. Those minimums rose on February and March, 2020, for the reasons outlined here.
  • Based on the 80:20 principle – 80% in core assets. 20% in assets that you can’t get access to directly (for example private equity).
  • Are low cost: 1% yearly management fees.  0.75% on accounts above $500,000, and 0.5% on accounts above $1m.
  • Globally available: for everybody except people living in Americans (American expats are OK) and a few other countries.  Accounts are particularly useful for expats who are moving from country to country, and locals living in emerging market countries, where there is not a stable currency and system in place.
  • In your company name if applicable – accounts can be in your name or your company name.  If you own a company investing through your firm can be tax efficient.
  • For kids education – your kids can be the primary beneficiary

The accounts aren’t for everybody.  They aren’t for people who prefer to speculate and engage in get rich quick schemes, even though the current low stock market valuations are a great opportunity to buy low.

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Blog Comments

Interesting read, something certainly worth looking more into

Adam can I get more information on this. I don’t have a lot of money to invest but definitely like to try and learn more about this and try to maximize my efforts to help my retirement.

Thanks Justin just emailed you

Adam, I am interested in investing, kindly send me info to startup

ok just emailed you

Dear Adam I am interested too. Would you be so kind to email me too?
Thanks in advance,
With kind regards, Mark

Thanks Mark, will do

I will love to invest I need more details thank you

Please can you email me how to invest from Africa

I’m from Argentina South America. May I ask you for more information? I’ve started investing in the stock market. But Im a beginner. I don’t see the big picture yet. Thanks!!

I would like to invest in the emerging market, especially in Africa (Nigeria in particular). Kindly email me for more information. Thank you.

Could I have the details too?

sure, just emailed you

Can you also send me an email

I will email you

Need to in touch too

Hello Adam, your portfolios are intriguing and I’d like to talk more. Please contact me anytime.

Please can you email me how to invest from Africa

Would like to learn more about investing

Hello Adam, the idea looks good. Can you send me the details to look further on this.

Pls send me more details

Hi Adam
I would like to know more about investing

I have small amount to invest but afraid of the losses due to previous experiences.
Please guide.
Dr Kazim Ali

Very much interested in investing and i am a beginner.

I am interested and would like to know more, please send me more dwtaila email.

Am a beginner and I have interest in investment…but i don’t know how to start

OK I just emailed you.

Hello Adam. I am interested in investments. Can I get a heads-up?

Hello Adam, I am interested in investing could you please send me an email too

will do

Hello Adam, I’m interested can you please email me some more info?


Hi Adam, would love to know more as well.

Just waiting for your

I tried to email you, but it didn’t send. – if you want to be in contact

Mr.Adam, I’m from India but would like to invest in stable currency. I appreciate your work in this space. Please email me the details.

I have emailed you Jagadeesh

I have emailed you Jagadeesh

Hey Adam i can’t help but show my interest in imvesting. I live in the Gambia and we dont have financial systems for such. I’d like to hear more from you

Hello Adam,
I am also interested in investing, would you be so kind to also send me the startup info?
Apologies for my bad English, it isn’t my native language.
With kind regards,

No worries I will email you

I’m from India and would like to invest in stable currency. Please email me the details.

What a piece of article! It’s really great and i want to start investing. where do i start?


I am interested in creating an investment plan.

Hi Scott – just emailed you.

Thanks for the article but I literally have no idea of what you’re saying so can you please assume I’m a novice and bring me up to speed.

Will email you Kelvin

Email me the details, will go through and confirm

I am not rich and still single at 40, maybe settled life next year but can’t say anyway I don’t have much capital to invest am average income indian or little above as our per capita income is only about 2k dollars I earned 5x by our indian per capita income but want to invest and learn from ,am a lousy spender anyway can I invest in S&P 500 ,do invest some in mutual funds and will start trading too cos my job doesn’t require to go everyday

Hi Adam. I’m looking to invest money in a reasonable but profitable way. Can please I get more information on your offerings?

Hello Adam, am from Nigeria .How can l invest from here.

Hi Adam
I’m retired and I’m interested to know more about investing. Can you help me please?


I will email you

Am from Uganda and I would like to know more about investing in detail.

Waiting for your email

Helo Adam’s, I am very interested in investing …can you please

Hi Adam,
I’m interested, but I’m American. I’m temporarily living in Morocco. We have property here. I could become resident here in future. We have bank acct in US and one in A Moroccan bank. Let me know what we could do. We have money to invest. Thanks you, Marcelle

Just emailed you.

I would like to try and invest. Need your inputs. Thanks

Hi Adam, can you give me more info please. Thank you!

How to start kindly guide?

I emailed you thanks Hads.

Hi, I’m also interested. Please send me an email

I want to learn more

Hi Adam, l will like to know more about investing

Sure I will email you

Hi Adam, it’s a wonderful article and sure caught my interest. I’m from India and I do some monthly investments in equity funds and crypto (just started this with $60 a month). I would like to extend my investments to have a comfortable future. Looking for both short and long term growth. Would love to know more on the options I have and how to start with it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


$60 per month is too small given the minimums listed on the article but i would encourage you to carry on reading my content.

Hi, just came across your article and I will like to know how I can invest from Africa. Looking forward to your response sir. Thanks

Hi Adam – I am interested in this kind of account, especially as I am moving from country to country as an expat. But how does it work more specifically? I am interested in getting more information.

Thanks for your comment Mary. I will email you shortly.

I would like to know more about investment. I live in Nigeria.Is it possible to invest from here?

I will email you.

Would I be able to get more information? Thanks


Can you please email me more info as well, thanks!

Hi Erich I just emailed you

I will email you.

Am from Nigeria and I have interest ,I need more explanation and where can I invested.

Am Ethiopia, is there any way i can possibly have such account, Dear Adams? May monthly salary is 10400 ETB (385 USD). Need more info.

You may want to wait until your surplus is bigger, but I have emailed you anyway Girmay.

Very nice reading , appreciate for sharing such a valuable information
I would like to know more pls

I came across you in Quora. I am 62 years semi retired, with about $200,000 in a Robo investing account earning about 5% per annum Can I do better? I would like to start living off the income from the portfolio in about 3 years.

Thanks for reaching out Baba. Just emailed you.

Hi Adam, can you please email me more info as well, thanks!

I emailed you Fayza.

Hi Adam

I am interested in this kind of account but I live in Dubai. Am I eligible?


Hi Geoff

Yes you can.


Hi Adam,
I lived & worked in Japan for 16 years…please send me your book via
Thanking you in advance & thank you for your honesty & simplicity.

Hi Marti

Thanks for your message. If you have PayPal or another mechanism then it should be a fairly easy procedure.


Thanks Adam for this piece.

Kindly reach out to me and we can discuss this in length.

Thanks Samuel I emailed you

Hi Adam can you email me more about this please

Hi Adam. Would so much love to make an investment.

Hi Adam,

This indeed is an intriguing read with a bunch of valuae books.

Is there a way for me to learn more considering the fact I am based in the Czech Republic?



Hi Mykyta

Thanks a lot for your message. Sure, I will send you an email.


Hello there.

I’ve always thought that is impossible to live from passives if you don’t have an initial big amount of money.

I’ve read around here that starting young (I’m a poor 25 man) it’s worth. Could you help me with that?

I could save around 150$ per month. How could I make it much bigger?

I live in Spain, btw.

Best regards 🙂

Thanks Elvio, I emailed you. Adam

Hi Adam,
I am based in the US as a Software Engineer making around 215k USD/year. I am 25 years old and just got into investing. I believe I could really use your knowledge and experience to help me invest better every month.

I got your email. I can’t take US clients but referred you on.

Very interesting thanks Adam… I want to learn more am in Namibia ,send me the email??

Hi Adam, saw you in quora and I’m intrigued to know more and how to go about everything. I’m but 24 years old, I’m I eligible ?

Hi Adam,

I am retired and live in Mexico. I’d like to know more about the investment service you provide.

Thank you.


Hi Magnus

OK I have emailed you.


Hello, pls send me an email abt your services and how I can avail of it. thanks,

Thanks Royskie I emailed you now

Hi Adam, i am 30 years old and would like to start to invest. But i can invest some around 200 eur per month. Please suggest some options

Hi Nagaraj – depends where you live. There might be some advisors that would take 200 euros a month and some of the DIY platforms will accept you if you are based in the EU.

I would like the know about the investment you provide?

Hi Maria I just emailed you

Wow, Adam thanks alot for your write up, please I really want to invest,but don’t have enough money since am searching for, please can you help me out speedily.

I would suggest staying tuned and reading more content.

Your write up was very simple yet illustrative. I’m a Nigeria rearing to try my hands on investing. Pls I need ur direction

Hai adam

Can you send the information about your service

Sure I have emailed you

Hello Adam:

I would appreciate reading more about your services.
Could you please email the information to me?

Sure. Sent now

Hi Adam,
I would like to get more information on how to invest.

Please give detailed information about you service and how to go about investing…

OK I emailed you

Hi Adam,

Cufrently in Vietnam and a UK resident.

Please send me more information on your investment service.



OK Paul I just sent you an email.

hi, i would like to know more,

OK Vedran – OK I just sent you an email

Hi Adam, I am interested in this service but would like more information as to how it works and the safety procedure. Do send me an email, would be highly appreciated.

Hi…I am 57years old female lives in India. Want to invest for my grandchildren. Please suggest me. I want to invest 4000 rs per month…….Thanks Sir

i would like to know more about ur services.

Hi Adam,

Please send me a list of investment options you provide, with thresholds and your fees.

I live in Singapore.

Please share more details about this with me. I am interested and can invest about 750 USD per month

Hi Adam,
I would love to know more about your service!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Adam I would like to know more and how to make good investment decisions.

Am interested

Hi Adam, I’m very interested to learn more and invest long-term. Please would you tell me how to go about it? Thanks!

Hi Jules – I emailed you. Adam

I will like to learn how to invest directly by buying stocks ,share and forex

Hi Adam, this seems this seems like exactly what i might need, could you send me an email?

Sure thing

I am interested in shariah compliant investments.
Can you provide this service.

Not my specialist unfortunately.

Dear Adam!

Please have your information forwarded to me. I am eager to learn more about your investment strategy.


Hi Adam, very happy to have read your post, would it be possible to get some extra info?

Best regards


sure just emailed you

Interesting. May I know more details ?

Sure Vinay I just emailed you

Hi Adam,
I’m entering college this year and I want to start investing early, I’d be happy to get your suggestions

Hi Arton – even small savings at such a young age makes a difference, due to compounding. Investing in low-cost funds for your entire life is one of the best things you can do.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for sharing this information. Can Canadians invest in your recommendations? If so send me all the options available.


Hi Sudano. Yes sure. I have emailed you now.

Kind regards Adam.
Kindly requesting for more details on your investment plans.

Hi Adam,

Could I please also have more info?



Please am a student at kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology at Kumasi Ghana (west Africa). Doing BSc business administration (logistics and supply chain management).
I want to go into real estate business after I complete school. What do I need to do now before I go into real estate business.

Hi Adam,

This sounds really interesting. Could you send me more info please?

Thank you

How can I invest? I’m from Colombia, my month salary USD 2000

Hi Camilo – I just emailed you. Adam

Hi Adam, kindly can i get more information about this.Thanks

Will do Carson

Hi Adam, I would like to know about the investment your are talking about.

Adam, could you please share some more information.I am interested!

Can I get information

Hi Adam
Adam could you please share some more information about the investment …I am interested

I just emailed you Daniel.

Hi there Adam
I m happy and delighted to come across to your post. I need more info on the investment and I m 27 years old trying to make the best of my life and save more before I reach 30 years old! And if you sell motivational books and how one can save and invest please I need more information.
Best regards

Please provide more info. Many thanks

Hi Adams, I had like to know more about your offers and services. Much thanks

I am from India and currently residing in Malaysia, Does this works for me ?

I would appreciate reading more about your services.
Could you please email the information to me?

Sure i emailed you

How can I get more information Adam?

I emailed you Jose.

How do you build a company with nothing . How do you start building a portfolio with very little. How do you become an industrialist from scratch. In which kind of industries do you start.

I am in Mexico and have a company in the US. I am concerned to invenst in the US because I do not understand the tax implications. I would like to know more information about your service

Hi Antonio – Thanks for reaching out. I just emailed you. Adam

Hi Adam I am from India and want to invest . How will it work for me? Could you give me more information.

I just emailed you Simran

Hello Adam,

I am looking for a way to get invested in long term and forget about it style.
Also maybe you can explain the ways of investing through a company beeing more tax efficient than as a private person.
Maybe you could send me some more info, thank you in advance!

OK I will email you. Thanks, Adam

Adam please can you also send me an email as I’ll like to get further information on what’s really going on here

I would like your expertise advice to investing. I tried investing on my own and losing big time so will you email me your information? Thanks very much for any kind of help!

Sure Bridgette, I just emailed you

sounds good, could you please provide more info? thanks

Sure, will do Tom.

Hi Adam,
This was a very interesting read. I would love to get more information about the services that you provide.

Hi Adam. I know this post has been long but I need to know two things. 1. Am in Ghana, West Africa. Am I qualified to have an account there. 2. If I do, how do I get started.

Hi Daniel – Ghana is OK. I just emailed you.

I will email you Iweta

interested in knowing more but im in the US. any suggestions?

Hi Adam, I will like to find out more.

I am interested in this…please email me details. Thanks

It is nice reading this expository lesson from you. I stay in Nigeria, I am eligible? I am about retiring, how can I invest my funds. Can you invest for me or can I do it alone.Thank you

Hi Ojo – just emailed you

Hey Adam, could I please also get some additional information?
Greetings from Holland,

Thanks Pieter I emailed you.

I will have to ask more questions. I need investment guide

Hi. I am from South Africa working as an expat. I am looking at a pension fund outside of South Africa. Could yo please send me more information. I am 56 years old and would be looking at investing between 2 and $3000 a month.

Hi Adam! I’m 32 years old and keen to learn more.

Thanks Lili I will email you

Hi Adam! I want to know more information about your post and interested to learn how to get started.

OK sure thing I will email you.

hi adam,ive followed you on quora for a while and I’m interested. please let me know how through my email.

Hi Mr.Adam, I’m from India but would like to know more and then invest in stable currency. I appreciate your work in this domain. Please email me the details.

just emailed you

Hello Adam and good day.
I saw from the mail and comments section that you responded to comments on this post of yours even up till Nov, 2019, it shows you do quite a serious and consistent work on follow up and I do much appreciate this.

I’m not based in the USA, but have been thinking of the lowest cost options to maintain things like USA Bank Account, that I can easily operate via the internet, probably with branches in my domicile in Africa, for the purpose of Investments, I’m an ardent & smart worker, and would like some investment options in gold, futures and current stocks (or preferably other low cost with potentially high returns 🙂 realistically), with the returns linked to a (my) USA Bank Account and accessible once it’s up and running and in the long run.

In the event I can’t access a USA Bank Account what other options do I have to securely invest, my investment budget is between $300 – $1,000 monthly and consistently.

I hope this can materialise into a reality for me by God’s grace and by your aiding.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

just emailed you

I’m 30 years old and keen to learn more, I am interested.

I just emailed you

Hi Adam, I have $75,000. I would like to start investing. Please send me more information. Thanks

Will email you Anitaicel

Hello Adam,
Your article is quite impressive. Could you email me in return? I would love to know more.

sure will do Uche

Can you get me also email? Thanks!

Will do Marek

Hi Adam am interested in this but I am a Nigerian how do I participate in this, waiting for your reply

I will email you.

Hi Adam, I’m a Nigerian and I’ll love to know more about investment. Please send the details. Thanks.

Hi Adam, Please can you also send me more details, Thanks.

Hi Adam, Please can you also send me more details, Thanks.

Sure will do Riccardo

Hi Adam, I’m a Bulgarian citizen living in Bulgaria. Can I get more details about the investment plans ? Thanks!

I’m a RN looking to invest some money from my 2nd job and other endeavors. Needing some guidance please.

Please email me with more info

Please email me more information. Thank-you!

Hi Adam,
I would like to start understanding some basic concepts of saving and investment and then would like to move further. Can you please send me some details.

Hi Adam, Please can you also send me more details, Thanks.

Hey Adam, i appreciate your work and information you give free to us.
I would like to learn to invest too. Thank you

Hello Adam
Can you please send me details too ? I am new in investment ..

I’m so much delighted to read this. And I’d really love to know more about investment.
Despite being 22, I still don’t know my bearing and how to develop a good investment,

Please send me more elaborate details to begin!


Really interested in investing as a beginner. Could i have the details

Hey Adam, am intrigued at your article on investment and I had initial long for buying of shares and stock, would really want to learn before I make a decision. Many thanks!

Sir, I want more information about how to start investing money . Emailed me please

I need to invest with small capital i have

Did you read the investment minimums?

Hi Adam I really want to join as a beginner but I want you to take me through the journey as I’m clueless many thanks

I am in Uganda; Africa. How do I get in touch?

I will email you.

I would love to get in touch with you.

Will email you David

Investing alone will not make you rich you need a stable income and multiple streams of income before you can consider investing for wealth building

Yes it won’t alone. Wealth = net income – expenditure x compounded returns. So good investment returns are only one part of the equation. The point is, you don’t need a super rich income to get wealthy.

I’m interested in investment. Kindly email me the notes about this subject.



Hello Adam. Cank you send me détails about investment. I’m in Africa: BURUNDI

Hi, please email me. I’m interested in this venture.

Greetings to you
Hope this message will find you well I was interested to ask if I can invest in this investment plan as I am from Kosovo and have $ 300,000 to invest
thanks for your part i hope you will come back with an answer

Hi Alban I will email you

Hi Adam,
I am interested to invest for my kids

Hello Adam! Hope all is well during these opportunistic times. I have nothing saved for retirement I have 3 kids. Never thought about investing until now when I’m like crap if shit hits the fan i have nothing. Can you please share some more info on how i can get started, or help me get started please thank you and always God bless!

Would like more info please 🙂

Will you please send me more information. I don’t have a lot of money to invest but I really want to start. I am South African.

Hi Adam! I am interested in investing but knowledge about it is next to nil. Can you pls send me more information? Thank you.

Hi Mr. Adam Fayed,
Seems you are doing a great Job by helping the needy. I am from India and I want more information about how to start investing the money in a perfect way. As you are aware that we cannot invest huge amounts and presently I can invest an amount of USD 200 approximately per month. So please give the investment plan along with the returns which we get in return also. Hope Your reply will be helpful for me at this stage…….

Please send me all the details in a elaborated way to begin the investment

It’s amazing sir im very much excited to invest
Plzzzgive me more details have the start this thank q so much sir ji

Hi Adam, it was very interested article for the novice that I am! Is it only reserved to a very wealthy audience ? I have some money aside and currently living in South East Asian country and I would like to know if I can start from here, could you send me some more details please ? Thank you !

Hi Adam, Your portfolio construction is impressive. Can you please send me more details. I would love to know more. Thanks.

Hi Adam, quite an eye opener. Grateful if you send me more details.

Sure thing will do.

I am a beginner. I like to invest from Zimbabwe

Hi Adam.
For a couple of months back now, have been interested in investing but I don’t know how to go about it.
I’ll be happy if you can help me out.

I like your portfolio Pls share more details.

I have been looking for where to invest and how. Can you please email me the details. Thanks.

Let me know more info for investment services offered by you

Hello, Adam:

I am a 42 years old software developer from Mexico and I came across with your article. Very interesting and I am trying my hand in making it in the investment world so I can retire and have my son go to a college he chooses with no problem at all. If we can chat about it to get more info it’ll Ben greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Julio Plascencia.

Sure Julio I will email you.

Can you please give me more info for investment services? Thank you

I am an avid investor and would like to accumulate wealth over time. I am in for the long haul.

Thank you for this information… please give me more details… thank you soo much

Hello Adam,

I don’t have much investment knowledge. But interested to know more and start saving some money. So if I could have some information on the investment to look after.


Hello Sir,
Would you mind assisting me w/investing? I don’t have a mentor. I’d be very grateful.

Hello, Please also email me details. Regards

I like the way of your investment, could please give me further details?

I will email you

Hi Adam, thank you for the wonderful article. Being from South Africa, I really would like more information on how to invest monthly out of the country. Care to share the information?

Dear Adam,
I am interested too. Would you be so kind to email me too?
Thanks in advance,
With kind regards,

Hey Adam, am intrigued at your article on investment and I had initial long for buying of shares and stock, would really want to learn more, Many thanks!

I want to be part of this journey from India. Plz email me also

Hello Adam. This is a beautiful article. I’m interested in the services you offer. Please email me

I would like to invest on the the stocks . i don’t have any prior experiences . Could you please help me to start with it. Planing to invest $300 – $500 every month.

Very Nice info. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, just came across your article and I will like to know how I can invest from Africa. Looking forward to your response sir. Thanks

Hey Adam. I’m an Indian and as a student I want to start investing in stocks etc. Please provide me with a strategy

Maybe my minimums are a bit high if you are still a student. I would find a broker locally that has no minimums.

I came here from your ‘Quora’ reply to something else. I would like to know some more info on investing. Could you please email me.

Hello Adam.I’m interested in the services you offer. Please email me

Helo Adam,IAM a complete novice.However,IAM interested in investing.could you guide me through the whole process?I shall be grateful.

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