Investment opportunities in 2022

Many people have New Year’s Resolutions to save and invest more. If that is applicable to you, then you should read on!

In the webinar below, I spoke about:

  • What are some investment opportunities in 2022, given the trend with valuations?
  • How about some longer-term opportunities?
  • Which threats exist apart from rising inflation?
  • What should you definitely avoid doing?
  • Are there some wider trends beyond investing which could affect people’s wealth – such as rising taxes?

If you are looking to invest in 2022, you can contact me on the WhatsApp function below or via email –

Pained by financial indecision? Want to invest with Adam?

Financial Planner - Adam Fayed

Adam is an internationally recognised author on financial matters, with over 588.1 million answers views on and a widely sold book on Amazon and a contributor on Forbes.

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