Is Getting a University Degree Still Worth It?

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Is a college degree still worth it? In a specialized profession like Pharmacology, Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Optometrist, yes. All other degrees, no, No, NO !! In my lifetime I’ve earned a B.S., A.S. and 33 hours towards a Masters, and they were all to my Detriment. I forgot to mention also that depending on what “skin you’re in”, a degree could close the door on SOME employment and promotion opportunities. Case in point: The only times I saw employment opportunities was when I handed out resumes that I OMMITTED ALL degrees and certifications. I suspect Ethnicity was also a common thread for not being offered jobs or promotions. Seriously, a “plain jane” resume that only listed a high school diploma opened more employment opportunities. My life experience might be an exception to the norms. Unfortunately, I’ve got siblings and in-laws who have had the same experience.

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