Is Robert Kiyosaki a Fraud – upcoming episodes of the Adam Fayed Podcast

In the coming two weeks I will discuss the following topics on the Adam Fayed podcast.

  1. Is Robert Kiyosaki a fraud? The writer of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book has his critics. Are they right?
  2. Are there any such things as investment guarantees? Is a guarantee all it is made out to be?
  3. Will Jeff Bezos become the first trillionaire? Or are the media putting out misleading information?
  4. Why the banks are so frustrating to deal with? And what you can do about that
  5. Why gaining success through struggle feels so good – and why you should avoid always focusing on quick results
  6. Is “hustle” so important and are social media influencers putting out misleading information? Is hard work the most important aspect of success?
  7. What are Buffett and Soros’ rules for success? More specifically, what are their top 5-10 rules for success?

If you have any topics you want me to cover on future episodes, you can email me –

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